September 30, 2023

You can have the latest gas-powered Chevrolet Camaro as long as it’s black

front 34 view of 2024 chevrolet camaro ss collector's edition in panther black metallic tinted pre-production model shown actual production model may vary available after summer 2023

This is the last gasoline-powered Chevrolet CamaroChevy

  • Chevrolet has finally released details about the Collector’s Edition Camaro, the last examples of the iconic muscle car to roll out of the Lansing, Michigan, plant.

  • A special edition Panther Black Metallic Tintcoat paint will be standard, as will model-specific bodywork including a front splitter and rear spoiler.

  • In preparation for the Camaro’s final year of production, Chevrolet won’t be selling four-cylinder Camaros, though the company says it’s looking forward to a resurgence of the nameplate.

Chevrolet’s iconic muscle car, the Camaro, is going away and we’re sad about it. Whether or not the nameplate will return is still up in the air as rumors of an electric spur continue. But the internal combustion legacy isn’t over yet, as Chevrolet releases a handful of last-edition Camaros to the buying public.

The design is hardcore, with a completely washed-out color scheme and aggressive body panels. Chevy calls this color Panther Black Metallic Tintcoat with Satin Black accent stripes and 20-inch Satin Black Forged Wheels, while the 1LE front splitter and ZL1 package rear spoiler are fitted to all Collector’s Edition models. These special touches will be available in LT/RS, LT1 and SS trims, although a limited run of 350 ZL1 Collector’s Edition units will also be offered.

top view for 34 of 2024 chevrolet camaro zl1 collector's edition in matte panther black pre-production model shown actual production model may vary available after summer 2023

The ZL1 collectorCHEVROLET

That means you can get a Collector’s Edition with a 3.6-litre V6, although we always lean towards a V8 when it’s available. Regardless of the engine you choose, these final Camaros will have one thing in common: a unique front fender badge that integrates a panther into the “R” and a panther on the steering wheel badge. Two commemorative posters and custom floor mats are also included, for the diehard Camaro fans among us.

“We felt it was appropriate for this Collector’s Edition Camaro to officially acknowledge the meaning of the original code name and share it with Camaro enthusiasts,” said Rich Scheer, Chevrolet Performance design director. “Of course the name ‘Panther’ influenced the colors used: Panther Black Metallic for SS and Panther Matte Black for ZL1.”

passenger front 34 view of chevrolet camaro bends in a garage

While initially controversial, the decision to add a four-cylinder powertrain to the Camaro opened up a wider customer base.Chevy

In addition to this special edition, Chevrolet shakes up the latest model year offerings by killing off the 275-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine. Only the V6 and LT4 V8s remain, meaning the base price of a Camaro has now risen to $32,495. That’s $4,700 more than the previous starting price of $27,795.

The move to thin out the Camaro product line before it goes under makes sense, but Camaro fans shouldn’t fully mourn just yet. Earlier this year, Chevrolet executives assured fans that the end of the Camaro’s legacy is nowhere in sight, pointing to its continued racing career and the potential for future models.

“While we’re not announcing an immediate successor today, rest assured this isn’t the end of Camaro’s story,” said Chevrolet Global Vice President Scott Bell. And there is widespread speculation about what that will mean for Chevrolet and its historic nameplate.

Our friends at Car and driver have it on reliable authority that a Chevrolet Camaro EV crossover is in the works, following a Corvette crossover concept. As with the incoming Blazer EV, the Camaro crossover is likely to have a wide stance, with the model likely being a two-door. If General Motors succeeds, this move would increase EV market share and potentially reduce sales of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E as well. That is, if Chevrolet can deliver an electric crossover Camaro as successfully as Ford, minus the inevitable gang of angry purists.

Would you buy a two-door, battery-electric Camaro crossover? Or is that sacrilege? Share your thoughts below.

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