September 28, 2023

Woman severely beaten; arrest warrant issued against suspect

July 15 – Personnel reports

A woman was severely beaten in her home and an arrest warrant was issued for a suspect in the case.

Authorities believe the suspect was the woman’s boyfriend at the time of the attack, 43-year-old Mark Edward Born Jr. from Byng.

At about 2:21 a.m. on June 25, a woman called 911, but dispatchers couldn’t understand what she was saying. Pontotoc County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area of ​​a cell phone tower in Byng where the call originated.

Officers searched the area, but could not find anyone.

“A short time later, Central Dispatch told the woman (said) that her face was smashed. She was having trouble speaking,” deputy Roberto Vargas said in a report. “Byng Fire and Mercy EMS was asked while we were trying to get the subject.”

Vargas said the woman was eventually able to give her first name, and Central Dispatch gave multiple addresses in the town of Byng that matched the caller’s first name. Vargas and Deputy Ryan Hudson responded to all addresses provided, but were unable to locate the victim.

At approximately 2:39 a.m., the woman was able to tell Central Dispatch her address, located in the 19,000 block of 1480 County Road near Francis.

“Representative Hudson and I have moved to the address provided,” Vargas said. “The victim was able to sound the horn on her vehicle, which helped us locate the correct home on a multi-family property. As I approached, I saw a red (car) parked in a mobile home driveway “I saw a naked woman, covered in blood sitting in the driver’s seat with the door open. I tried to communicate with the subject, but due to the severity of her injuries, communication was very limited.”

Vargas said Byng Fire and Mercy EMS were cleared to respond, and after the victim was taken to Mercy Hospital Ada, law enforcement officers used a PA system to order any persons who may be in the residence to leave the residence.

“After multiple attempts and no response, Deputy Hudson, myself and (Chickasaw) Lighthorse Officers entered the residence to locate any suspects or additional victims,” ​​Vargas said. “However, there were none in the bedroom at the north end of the residence. I saw multiple blood stains on the bed … and a baseball bat that appeared to be covered in blood. We then left the residence.”

Vargas said at 5 a.m. that morning that deputies obtained a search warrant, then returned to the residence and seized evidence, including the bloody bedding and baseball bat.

The victim was later taken from Mercy Hospital Ada to an Oklahoma City Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

The victim was unable to give details of what happened, but during the investigation, deputies found out that Born was in a relationship with the victim and went to talk to him at his grandmother’s house in Byng, where he reportedly lives.

“I saw Born’s hands were a little red and swollen and (he had) little cuts on his knuckles,” Vargas said. “After I told Born that I would read his Miranda rights before proceeding with my questions, he advised that he would not answer any questions without a lawyer present.”

Sheriff John Christian said at the time that authorities did not have enough evidence to arrest Born, so the interview was closed.

The next day, deputies were able to interview the victim, but she reportedly said she “remembered no details of the night.”

Deputies then viewed security camera footage of her home with the victim’s consent.

“I saw a subject leave (the victim’s) residence that matched the body description of Mark Edward Born Jr.,” Vargas said.

The subject is then observed leaving the residence in a small Honda SUV. The vehicle in the video matched a 2002 Honda CLX with Oklahoma Tag (KOU085) that was sighted at…Born’s grandmother’s home (where ) he has lived.”

Shortly thereafter, deputies applied for and granted an arrest warrant for Born on suspicion of assault and grievous bodily harm.

He had not been arrested by Friday. Christian is asking anyone with information on Born’s whereabouts to call 911 or the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office at (580) 332-4168.

According to Oklahoma court records, Born was released from prison in 2021 after serving 21 years for first degree manslaughter.

In June 2022, Born was charged in Murray County with assault and battery, disturbing the peace and public intoxication. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 90 days with all but five days suspended and ordered to pay fines.

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