September 25, 2023

Top shelf DeWalt power tools are available for purchase at Amazon

These DeWalt tools give you everything you need for your DIY projects.  (Photo: Amazon)

These DeWalt tools give you everything you need for your DIY projects. (Photo: Amazon)

How’s that honey list? Need some inspiration to complete those tedious home improvement projects once and for all? Well, here it is: right now you can save up to 45% on DeWalt power tools and accessories at Amazon. Rest assured, DeWalt is a leading tool brand. Don’t believe us? The next time you pass by a construction site, check out what the crew is using – you’ll see DeWalt’s signature yellow-and-black tools everywhere because they’re compact, lightweight, and most importantly, powerful. Also powerful: these discounts, so get started!


This hand lamp puts out an impressive 110 lumens and is compact enough to fit in any toolbox.

$37 at Amazon

If you often need to illuminate dark areas, you’ll love this portable spotlight. It has a swivel head and a hands-free design. The powerful beam ensures that you can see every nut and bolt; the 55% discount allows you to keep more of your money in sight.

“This is an insane light! A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. I live in rural southern New Hampshire where we have power outages a few times a year – sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes a day or so. longer. We put this DeWalt spotlight on our coffee table, pointing at the ceiling, and it’s like all the lights are on…even during a power outage! I’ve even bought two more for other rooms in the house. The 5Ah battery lasts almost all day!” said one ecstatic user. “I highly recommend this lamp!”


This ergonomic, powerful drill and screwdriver set is a number 1 bestseller on Amazon – and you get 45% off it.

$99 at Amazon

This screwdriver/drill may look compact, but it can drive up to 1,500 RPM of power. Thanks to the half-inch sleeve, you also don’t have to worry about it loosening its grip on a pesky screw. The built-in LED light helps in low light and thanks to the included battery it charges quickly. Did we mention it’s the #1 best-selling drill on Amazon and is discounted by 45%?

One five-star buyer said, “The drill is exactly what you expect from DeWalt. It’s great. The light is very handy. The case is well made and fits the drill and charger.”


Need something with a little more punch than a normal drill? Try an impact screwdriver.

$219 at Amazon

This handy driver is a bit like a drill, but more powerful. It is ideal for punching a screw into a very hard surface or for jobs that involve a lot of work of drilling, such as building a deck. Right now you can save $50 on this kit and get a spare battery and set of bits for just $219.

“This little guy is really nice. I would buy it again without hesitation. I use it for…drilling through wood and maybe even tile with the right bit. The chuck wobbles a bit, but it still spins. The batteries are good enough and have the load control that helps know when it’s low. The light around the chuck is great too. I wish they were all like this,” said one happy customer.


This 108-piece mechanic set has every type of socket you can think of.

$85 at Amazon

This tool kit contains everything you need to work on your car, including multiple types of sockets and wrenches. With 108 different parts to choose from, you can do all the mechanical work your heart desires.

“I am very impressed with the overall quality of this set. … I was long overdue for new tools as my old set was incomplete and broken. Not sure if this was on purpose but if you open it up and put it down in the top drawer of a Husky toolbox, on the top shelf, it fits like a glove like they made it for Husky toolboxes I can’t say enough about the above average quality of workmanship of these tools for this one price,” said one fan.


If you’re looking for a replacement drill, this is a great option at a great price.

$98 at Amazon

At just 2.4 pounds and just 6.3 inches front to back, this DeWalt Atomic cordless drill is designed for use in the most compact of spaces. It’s also the most affordable of all their drills (at least at this dis
count), but it doesn’t come with a battery. If you already have some DeWalt equipment and can supply a battery, this is a great addition.

“Have you ever heard the saying ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’? Well I was surprised to see that it was true when I bought this drill to use for jobs around the house. The first job I did with this drill, set it to level two (low torque) and mix a five gallon bucket of paint thinner,” said one weekend warrior. “To my surprise, it was able to mix three batches and one batch of mortar mix without breaking a sweat. It still works like new with no issues after the beating I put it through. This is great exercise.”


If you need more precise cuts than a table saw can handle, this is the kind of router (no, not the one that powers your internet) you want to invest in.

$160 at Amazon

With dual LED lights to illuminate the work surface, this #1 best-selling router helps you make precision cuts like no other. You can adjust the depth of the bit on the fly and it has a variable speed dial that allows you to adjust the intensity of your cut. For safety, an electronic motor quickly shuts down the tool as soon as you switch it off.

“I bought this because I have about a dozen cordless DeWalt products and love them!” said one devoted fan. “I don’t use a router very often, but we’re building a house now. I’ve had a corded router for over 20 years, but I wanted something smaller and easier to maneuver. We use at least 100-year-old reclaimed pocket door leaves which required me to build the stiles and miter the hinges as well as holes for the locks. Works great!” Uh okay, sounds good!


You can easily sand rough surfaces with this tool until they are velvety soft.

$96 at Amazon

Sanding can take a lot of elbow grease, but it doesn’t have to. This lightweight orbital sander weighs less than three pounds and is super easy to use. Effortlessly maneuver it over the surface of whatever you’re sanding to remove rough spots in no time.

One user called it the only sander you’ll ever need. “Want a sander that works? One that is of high quality? One that gets the job done? This is it. It doesn’t get much better than a DeWalt. Easy to change sandpaper and extremely friendly to use for both a novice and experienced sander. You can’t go wrong with this purchase – it’s ready to go right out of the box!”


Fancy a gear lever? This is the perfect kit for you, especially with over $100 off.

$147 at Amazon

Whether you’re a full-time mechanic or just someone who likes to tinker, this socket set contains almost everything you’ll need to complete most car repairs.

“Exceeded expectations”, said one user. “Bought this set after reading reviews that the tool stays in place and doesn’t fall out when the case is opened. I am so happy with this set. I’ve had several sets made by Stanley that when opened have caps everywhere These are really nice and stay in place. Just ordered a second set, nice job Dewalt.”


With settings that ensure accurate cuts, this miter saw will enhance all your home improvement projects.

$321 at Amazon

When it comes to building furniture or just tackling home improvement projects (like hanging those shelves you keep forgetting), you need a saw that always gives you accurate cuts. That’s where the DeWalt miter saw comes into play. With 14 different stops and a 0 to 50 degree side to side swing, you can cut wood any way you can imagine.

“I got this to trim the whole house. I like that it’s more compact than the 12″ slider and has a carrying handle. Easier to store when not in use as it is more of a project tool than an everyday thing. I also have the folding kickstand which makes it much more convenient when working on more than a few cuts. Seems well built – I expect it to last a long time,” said one customer.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping on all of these tools. not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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