September 28, 2023

This ToLife air purifier is more than 55% discounted

Canadian wildfire smoke is back. Currently, plumes of smoke are drifting into major cities in the Midwest — Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis — causing poor air quality outside. If you want to stay indoors, an air purifier can help – and right now you can pick up this popular ToLife air purifier on sale for just $45 at Amazon. That’s almost 40% off!

To life

This air purifier is equipped with a HEPA filter and covers up to 215 square meters of space. It is designed to filter up to 99.97% of smoke, pollen, dander and dust.

$45 at Amazon

Why can wildfire smoke be dangerous for some people? It consists of gases and fine particles that can penetrate deep into your lungs and lead to health problems, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Wildfire smoke can also cause health problems like bronchitis and asthma, says the American Lung Association (ALA).

If you have an underlying lung condition like asthma, it’s best to stay indoors as much as possible when there’s smoke in your air. But smoke from wildfires can also seep into your home.

Dr. Raymond Casciari, a pulmonologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, tells Yahoo Life that it’s best to keep the windows closed in your home and use an air conditioner, but keep the fresh air intake closed to keep smoke out use a HEPA filter if possible to get rid of any smoke that has seeped in.

“Air purifiers with a HEPA filter suck in the smoke, trap the particles and blow out clean air,” says Casciari. He notes that they can be “useful,” but can’t necessarily protect you from all smoke if the air quality is particularly bad.

air purifier

This air purifier helps tackle up to 99.97% of the particles in your air, including smoke. (Photo: Amazon)

If air quality isn’t a regular concern for you, it’s understandable that you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an air purifier. Consider the ToLife Air Purifier: It’s currently only $45 and has a HEPA filter, which is considered the gold standard in air purification. It traps particles down to 0.3 microns and has 360 air outlets to deliver purified air anywhere.

The purifier has six timer settings that let you have it turn off automatically after a certain amount of time and operates at levels as low as a near-silent 25 decibels. At just 3.4 pounds, it’s highly portable, so you can lug it from room to room.

Many fans swear by it. “This purifier has transformed my home by efficiently filtering out allergens, pet dander, and smoke,” shared one five-star reviewer. “With smart sensor technology, it adjusts purification settings based on pollution levels, ensuring optimal performance while remaining whisper quiet. As an allergy sufferer, I have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms such as sneezing and itchy eyes since using this device. This air purifier is a real lifesaver.”

A fellow fan called this purifier “small but mighty.” They added, “It’s very quiet. I can barely hear it when it’s on the lowest setting, which is perfect for night time use.”

To life

This mini powerhouse weighs just over 3 pounds and can be easily carried to any room that needs a refresh.

$45 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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