September 22, 2023

This pool cleaning robot is almost 50% off at Amazon

What’s the worst thing about owning a pool? Easy: clean! It’s a shame no one has made a Roomba for swimming pools yet. Besides waiting – they have that! It’s the Aiper Seagull SE Robotic Pool Cleaner, and it will run across the bottom of your pool sucking up loose dirt, leaves and other gunk you don’t want to swim with or step on (yuck!). Oh, and the best part? Originally $300, thanks to a Memorial Day sale you can get one for just $200 using the coupon on the page.


This little robot cleans your pool like a pro and parks itself when the job is done.

$200 at Amazon

Just like any other robot vacuum cleaner, all you have to do is let this little guy loose in the pool and he’ll sort the mess out for you. Once turned on, it cleans for up to an hour and a half. It is ideal for use in above ground pools up to 10m in diameter or in-ground pools up to 12m x 6m.

The Seagull SE has two dual-drive motors that allow it to make its way through the water and collect all the debris and debris. It’s also quiet, so you can use it without distractions while using the pool. The filter tray is reusable and easy to clean: just blow it clean with a water hose and you’re good to go. When cleaning is done, you don’t have to dive into the pool to reach the Seagull SE — the included hook makes it easy to fish it out of the water while keeping it completely dry.

To be clear, it’s completely wireless. Place it on the charger when it’s done and it’s ready to clean in just 2.5 hours. There are four LEDs on the robot to let you know how much juice is left or if the filter needs to be cleaned. Perhaps the coolest feature is that it includes a chemical dispenser so you can keep the pool balanced and sanitized without having to dump it yourself. Goodbye, terrible chlorine smell.

This pool cleaning robot takes all the hassle out of summer fun.  (Photo: Amazon)

You’d never guess her life was an endless battle of bitter pain and misery…until she got an Aiper Seagull. But now nothing can stop her! True story. (Photo: Amazon)

“Makes my life much easier,” said one verified reviewer. “This little guy is just what I needed. If, like me, the thought of messing around with pool equipment and manually cleaning your pool is something you’d rather not do, then look no further!… No need to lift a finger to clean your pool, except to turn on the little guy and he goes to work!… Totally recommend!”

“Why didn’t I get this sooner?” joked another customer. “Works exactly as it should. Just drop it in the pool and go to lunch or shopping; when you come back your pool will be clean. I live in a wooded area and get a lot of leaves and dirt from the trees. This has done everything so far picked up. So long, you messy snakes…”


The Seagull SE fully charges in just 150 minutes and can be used for up to 90 minutes at a time. It can even disperse chemicals to purify the water.

$200 at Amazon

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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