September 28, 2023

These gadgets are designed to keep you cool this summer

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Make the next heat wave a lot more comfortable. (Photo: Amazon)

This summer already promises to be a hot one. We always like to sit in the comfort of an air-conditioned room, but with energy prices rising, it’s a luxury that’s getting more and more expensive.

To help ease your wallet, we’ve picked five of our favorite products from Amazon to help you keep a cool head And keep spending low this summer. From a device that blows cool air into your bed to a hat that promises to lower your body temperature, these products can give you a break from the heat.

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The BedJet Climate Comfort for Beds blows cool air into a specially designed sheet to keep the air moving under the covers while you sleep. With the remote control you can control the temperature and power at the touch of a button.

$489 at Amazon

The BedJet is a personal favorite for sleeping when you don’t have air conditioning. In fact, it is a small, self-contained air conditioner with a tube that connects to a special two-layer top sheet. The BedJet blows cool air into the sheet, keeping your bed at the optimal temperature all night long. There is a remote control to adjust the temperature and airflow to your liking. (Bonus: It has a heating function for winter.)

“I live in South Carolina where it’s hot and humid most of the time,” one lucky sleeper wrote. “I decided to take this because no matter what I did I woke up sweaty. In the summer I set my thermostat to 65 and I still woke up sweaty. This is not from hot flashes! So I decided to buy this hoping to save on my electricity bill in the summer….1689497636 I sleep better and don’t wake up dripping with sweat! Finally, this is what I’ve been looking for to keep me cool at night!”


This lightweight fan is designed to hang comfortably around your neck. The small turbine blades quietly move air around your neck to keep you comfortable when it’s hot.

$24 at Amazon

The FrSara Neck Fan stays in the desired position as the blades are housed in food-grade silicone, ensuring maximum comfort and preventing sliding.

“I work in a large store and the air conditioning is not the coldest in some parts of the store,” said one cool customer. I’ve used this fan and it’s great! It had three different speeds. I noticed that if I turned it on high, it didn’t last my entire shift. On the lowest setting, it also works fine and lasts a long time. I’ve had a lot of people stop and ask if it works and where I got it!!”


Thanks to special cooling technology, this mattress protector helps to regulate your bed temperature. It features special fibers with its moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric.

$40 at Amazon

Warm sleepers are enthusiastic about this cooling mattress protector. It’s made of moisture-wicking fabric that incorporates special fibers that the pillow’s designers claim help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. It must work, because more than 15,000 reviewers are enthusiastic about the results.

“Very impressed with this product!” wrote a sound sleeper. “I’m a HOT sleeper, every mattress pad we’ve tried has literally radiated our body heat to the point that our room felt like an oven. I paired this mattress pad with 100% organic virgin bamboo sheets and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made! We stayed cool all night without breaking a sweat, and it’s just soft enough to give our mattress some extra softness. Would definitely recommend if you’re a hot sleeper.”


Activated with water, the makers of the hat claim it can cool your body temperature in just 30 seconds. It’s made of lightweight fabric with a UPF of 50 and a wide brim to protect your skin from the sun.

$20 at Amazon

When you’re out and about this summer, a hat is a must to protect your skin, but this bucket hat takes things a step further by adding a cooling function. It’s made with a special performance fabric that activates with water to help cool you down. More than 15,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating to date.

“Bought this hat for my husband for Father’s Day,” one generous shopper wrote. “Due to the excess heat in our area, I gave it early. The cooling function of this hat is phenomenal! After wetting the band, it can mow the lawn and do yard work while staying cool. I also like the sunscreen function of the fabric. I would definitely recommend this hat to anyone who wants
to stay cool and protected from the sun this summer.”


Each pillowcase has two sides: one is made of breathable, 100% cotton and the other is a Japanese-designed fabric designed to absorb body heat so you feel cool while you sleep.

$16 at Amazon

Sweaty sleepers love this pillowcase, which they claim helps them get a sweat-free night’s sleep.

“I’m a warm person,” shared one rave reviewer. “Sometimes I wake up sweating…..well I guess that’s changed! I sleep on the cool side of this pillowcase and I’m not hot anymore. And this is during a heat wave. Would recommend this to a friend.”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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