The Best Sunscreen Is On Amazon, And It’s Not What You Think


Promising reviews: “I’m almost hesitant to leave a review for this sunscreen because it may make it harder for me to re-purchase. However, ultimately, the greatest disservice would be depriving people of knowing about such an incredible product. Lightweight, scent-free, this sunscreen is my favorite I’ve ever used. Containing both Tinosorb S and Tinosorb M filters, this sunscreen has hybrid protection (reflecting and absorbing rays) with the newest generation of UV protection. In addition to tons of good-for-you skincare ingredients (niacinamide, ceramide NP, glycerin) and plenty of antioxidants, this sunscreen is seriously impressive. Works well under makeup (let it absorb for about 10-15 minutes) and gives a healthy glow in addition to a plump skin appearance thanks to HA. Reapplication is also easy and nice, with no pilling and no ‘tacky’ feeling that can often be found in products containing multiple weights of hyaluronic acid.” — KA

“This sunscreen is perfect. I read another review where they questioned this and lemme tell you that this has more than two uv filters! That is completely incorrect! This sunscreen contains:
1. Octisalate,
2. Homosalate,
3. Tinosorb S,
4. Tinosorb M,
5. Univul A Plus,
Ceramides, centella, and 8 forms of hyaluronic acid. This sunscreen leaves a very dewy look at first but after it’s absorbed it is beautiful! I love this so much!” — jhvoorhies

“This stuff is a godsend for me! I live in a hot yet dry place, I have incredibly sensitive skin, and it took me ages to find a sunscreen I could wear daily that didn’t make me feel even hotter and sweatier, or didn’t make my skin itchy or agitated. (Gotta love sensitive skin! /s) I started with US mineral sunscreens, but they all felt so thick, and would frankly make me sweat more. I also tried US chemical sunscreens, and they really irritated my eyes.. It’s embarrassing how many sunscreens I tried before landing on this one (at least 20).

“This stuff is lovely, it is very moisturizing, but sinks in relatively quickly. It plays well with any products I wear underneath (daily toner, serum, lotion) and I love that it has skin-enhancing ingredients like niacinamide and HA. It is a treat for my skin. It does end up leaving my skin a bit shiny, but I found I can counteract that with a few swipes of the sun stick from the same line, as that has a blurring effect. I don’t really wear makeup, but this seems like it would pair very well under makeup. For example, occasionally I apply a tinted cc cream on a few red spots on my face, and this has played really well with that. For me, this has been a pill-free experience and definitely a sunscreen I can wear every day with ease!” — TheCourteousGenevievez


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