The 5 Highest-Rated Hiking Baby Carriers On Amazon


For the hiking enthusiasts among us, the addition of a child to the family shouldn’t mean the end of enjoying the great outdoors — it just means finding a comfortable way to bring a non-ambulatory tyke along for the ride. While most families have at least one carrier in their rotation, those who want to spend a lot of time outside either walking or hiking might want to consider investing in a hiking baby carrier.

Hiking baby carriers differ from regular carriers because they are constructed in a pack style. Typically worn on the back, they’re ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the wearer’s body while also keeping the baby sturdy, safe and even sheltered from the sun. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular and highly-rated hiking baby carriers on Amazon. We’re only halfway through the summer, so there’s plenty of time to pick one up and enjoy the season with your little one in tow.


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