September 21, 2023

Taking the BMW iX M60 on a camping trip taught this enthusiast not to hate it

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

BMW M car enthusiast appreciates the iX M60Jonathan Harper

Fate made me a BMW man. I’m not a diehard, but my current fleet consists of a 1991 E30 325i, a 1991 E34 M5 and an M2. I’ve had countless others before that. Do you want me to list them? Fine: E60 M5, E39 M5, E36 M3, Z3 M Roadster, 850i, Spec E30. They are just high performance cars. For better or worse, BMW’s model range has come a long way from its performance-oriented classics, and the iX M60 is a clear example of this.

To get acquainted with BMW’s new EV crossover, I took it on a camping trip on soft roads. After about 400 miles of highway and backroad driving, I came to appreciate the iX for what it is: an aggressively styled alternative electric passenger car with standards to gawk at and enthusiasts to appreciate as a competent, lightweight performance SUV.

It’s not an E34 M5, and that’s fine.

2023 BMW iX M60 Pros

– Interior is spacious

– Gives EV customers a good reason not to buy another Tesla

– A comfortable highway cruiser

– Isolates occupants from the noise and stress of city driving

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper

2023 BMW iX M60 Cons

– The appearance takes some getting used to. Not for everyone

– Adaptive cruise control technology isn’t the most confidence-inspiring. Some automated lane changes are abrupt

– Like many EVs on the market today, you really feel the weight in the corners

– Pricey

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper


The most important thing when considering this car is its appearance. I and most of the car enthusiasts I showed this car to immediately had reservations about the styling. But interestingly enough, some non-car-passionate people didn’t seem so put off by it.

We haven’t seen such design language at BMW until recently. That in itself is his own pill to swallow as a BMW enthusiast. Also, the car is generally spherical and a bit whale-like.

Towards the end of my time with the iX, I mostly got around to it. But it’s a hard sell.

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper


The iX M60 has a twin-motor, all-electric powertrain that BMW claims produces 610 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot for an average-sized crossover. But it also weighs an insane 5769 lbs.

But even with all those pounds, the car can shift its weight very well. BMW claims a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds, and you can really feel its potency when you hit the throttle. It carries real speed.

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper


Thanks to the whale-like structure mentioned earlier, the interior is very airy. It’s a fun place to go for miles, even if you have all your friends or family with you. BMW’s Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof also adds to this open-air feel. It allows the view of the interior sky to go from fully transparent to opaque at the touch of a button.

bmw ix


Ride and suspension

The iX M60 comes standard with adaptive air suspension with adjustable height functions. That hardware lets you customize the car’s handling via drive modes, a feature that’s welcome and expected on a high-end crossover that starts at $106,000.

On the highway, the iX absorbs most road imperfections well. But even with all that adjustability, on a bumpy dirt road or a cratered city street, the iX M60 still suffers slightly from the classic BMW suspension. Overall it’s comfortable enough. If anything, the extra feel of the susp
ension is a reminder that this car has an M badge on the back.

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper

Wheels, tires and brakes

BMW sells the iX M60 with 21-inch wheels or optional 22-inchers with a variety of rubber options. Our tester rode the stock 21-inch two-tone wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires. While some of the larger wheel options have more design flair, these 21s suit the car well. I didn’t get the car into tacky traction situations, but under normal road use, they held up through our limited test.

The M60 trim also comes with blue M calipers that BMW says “provide extra stopping power” over the base model iX. When you’re hauling around a nearly 6,000-pound electric whale, you definitely want the best brakes you can get. These did not disappoint. The iX also has adjustable regenerative braking that’s easy to get used to, especially if you have previous EV experience.

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper

Charging and range

My charging experience with the iX M60 was limited to bouncing between DC Fast Chargers. Since I was camping in the woods, an area with limited electricity, I didn’t risk draining the battery completely.

In the car and driver tests, the iX M60 outperformed its EPA range of 288 miles, with a range of 290 miles

BMW ix m60 charging

Aaron Brown


The iX has a strong BMW feel overall, but there are some quirks around the car that give it extra oomph. Some more ridiculous than others.

Here you can see the crystal-like infotainment controls. This material is also used on the door-mounted seat adjusters. Another nice quirk of the iX is the visible carbon fiber that extends around the car, for example around the open tailgate. Then there’s the nice button-operated sunroof I mentioned earlier, and the odd pull-in exterior door handles.

I’m not even sure you can even call those handles, by design.

bmw ix

Aaron Brown

To block

I enjoyed my time with the iX. It’s a weird car. It gives character, in its own odd ways, to what could otherwise be another electric car. It is not just a gap filler from the model range. But it’s pricey.

For an enthusiast, it’s fun (in its own weird way) to dig into its right pedal and throw the iX’s weight around the corner. If you have the range for all that chatter, that is.

If you’re in the market for a luxury electric crossover and have some extra cash to spare, it’s definitely worth considering.

bmw ix m60 photos in the woods

Jonathan Harper

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