September 25, 2023

Take your gardening to the next level

three greenhouses

Add one of these beauties to your shopping cart. Your plants will thank you. (Photo: Amazon)

Gardening is a complicated hobby. On the one hand, it gets you out in the fresh air; on the other hand, it is easy to kill your plants. But having a structure like a greenhouse can go a long way in helping your plants thrive. Greenhouses allow you to control humidity and temperature (even in winter) to create a cozy environment where plants are encouraged to grow longer and produce more fruit and flowers. In short, it is a special helper to give you that extra edge when growing plants. Finding a greenhouse and getting it on your property used to be a huge undertaking, but not anymore. Now you can find a greenhouse at Amazon! The online retail giant has a number of greenhouses in stock and you can have them all delivered to your doorstep. Ready to take your gardening to the next level?


Do you want something small? This best-selling mini greenhouse has four spacious shelves and is on wheels, so you can easily move it from one place to another. A roller door gives you quick and easy access.

$45 at Amazon

“Great value for money,” said one satisfied customer. “Because of the price I didn’t expect this item to be so well made. I just needed something to protect my seedlings from the elements. I was quite surprised, as was my husband, when it arrived. It’s actually really nice paid for the money. It’s not heavy or commercial, but great for home use.”


This 6-by-10-foot structure features a sliding door for easy entry and exit, along with two vent windows for airflow. It even has a rain gutter! The whole is made of polycarbonate and aluminum.

$440 at Amazon

“Like everyone else, I looked and I looked for a cheap and sturdy greenhouse. I looked at every 6′ x 6′ greenhouse out there and chose this one,” said one five-star fan. “I’m so happy with it. You’re going to have to build a heavy floor/platform to mount this on so it doesn’t fly off. I built it myself in a 13 mph wind without any problems. I don’t wouldn’t suggest building it on a windy day, but I had no choice. You need some grease to make the panels slide in easier. It’s a lot sturdier than I thought.”


This greenhouse is quite portable, with three tiers and 12 shelves encased in a PE cover. The house has roll-down mesh side windows and a roll-down door for access and airflow, along with clips to secure it to the ground.

$95 at Amazon

“I was hesitant to buy this because I expected it to be cheap and flimsy. I didn’t expect it to be much hotter than the outside temperature. Wrong in every way!” wrote a satisfied customer. “It’s much sturdier than I expected and the fabric is thick and seems quite durable. It holds up to the Utah wind just fine. It runs about 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature during the day. I often have to open the windows and doors. This is exactly what I needed. It exceeds my expectations.”


If you’ve got the budget, consider this impressive greenhouse. It is 12 feet by 10 feet and has two sliding doors and two vents. It’s a completely walk-in building so you can spend some quality time working on your green thumb.

$1,700 at Amazon

One happy gardener shared, “This is the best designed structure for a greenhouse on the market. … If you want a structure that will last for decades, buy this one.”


Not everyone wants a permanent structure on their property. The 2.5 by 1.8 meter Eagle Peak greenhouse is a pop-up, so it’s basically a kind of tent for your plants that you can take with you at any time. Enjoy two roller doors and roller windows.

$135 at Amazon

Consider this glowing testimonial: “Best Ever!!! My backyard is full of trees in our new home so I couldn’t grow in the backyard. I went out and bought one. I totally fell in love and ordered the second one. They’re tied down with three cinder blocks and that’s held up through our storms we’ve had.”

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