T-Pain’s Hilarious Audition To Be A Peloton Instructor Is A Must-Watch


T-Pain shared a video of himself Monday riding a Peloton stationary bicycle while hilariously quipping out instructions to fellow riders.

“Alright, Peloton, let’s go,” the rapper said at the start of the clip on his Instagram. “Let’s do this. James, what the fuck? Pick it up, buddy. Pick it up. You’re letting Carol beat ya. Look at that output. Terrible! Terrible!”

“Cathy, you’re doing great, by the way,” he continued his onslaught of playful banter to the audience. “It looks like I haven’t been looking at you, but I’ve been watching you all night. It’s been great. Thighs, it’s gonna all go to it. You gonna feel it afterward.”

The “Can I Mix You a Drink” author, who’s known for his affinity for cocktail making, took a spin at becoming a fitness motivator during a special appearance at the company’s New York studio for the All for One Music Festival.

No official announcement has been made confirming T-Pain as a permanent instructor, although the Tallahassee, Florida, native joked in one of the clips shared by the company: “I will be your Peloton instructor all the time. This is a permanent thing now.”

The odds are looking good, considering Peloton went on to hype up the “Bartender” artist by sharing the footage of his “Peloton Instructor Audition Tape” on its official TikTok page.

In another video posted by T-Pain, he showed up at one of the classes as an attendee.

“Always the best dressed in the building thanx to @sethchernoff !! @onepeloton thank you for having me. Yelling at ppl and not doing much of anything really works up a sweat!! Hope everybody had a good ride/run this morning! Keep up the hard work. I’m gonna go get some pizza. Oh and P.S. “That’s Just Tips” is a perfect workout song. Link in the bio!!” he captioned the video, alongside a sprinkling of laughing emojis.

In June, the musician announced on Instagram his partnership with Alka-Seltzer, in which he rewrote the company’s jingle.


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