Stephen Fry Explains Best Way To Stop Increasingly Desperate Putin In Ukraine


British screen icon Stephen Fry says there may be only one way to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin. And it’s not necessarily what many people want.

In a new video for Pindex, Fry explained why Russia couldn’t win a conventional war, especially if Western powers stepped in. The danger now is that Putin will turn to “unconventional” means.

Fry, who was once voted the most intelligent person on British television, said Putin was “being pushed in a corner with nuclear weapons.” That makes ending the war even more urgent.

While direct talks between Russia and Ukraine have gone nowhere, Fry said there may be another option.

“A study of hundreds of conflicts found that mediation increased the chances of resolution,” he said. “And with deaths mounting on both sides, talks may only become more difficult.”

Fry suggested former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who speaks Russian and maintained close ties with Russia while she was in office, or Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who has offered to play a role, as potential mediators.

Watch the full video below:


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