Stephen Colbert Taunts Putin With An Insult That’s Practically Perfect In Every Way


The “Late Show” host then launched into his impression of the queen ― complete with her royal wave ― as he described the new royal sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin for his incursion into Ukraine:

“Vladimir Putin will no longer be receiving any bejeweled rapiers,” Colbert said in his mock-queen voice. “Nor shall any of his cream be clotted.”

It gets worse for Russia: Colbert said it would be deprived of Mary Poppins, too.

“And young Russians in need of discipline and love will have to do without flying nannies and chimney sweeps,” he added. “Chim-chim-a-fuck youuuuuu.”

With that, Colbert swapped his royal wave for a less regal bird:

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:


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