‘SNL’s’ Mikey Day Reveals Cringy Chat With Steven Spielberg, Gets Do-Over


Day told host Jimmy Fallon that in a season finale a few years back, he was setting up for a sketch about the “Jurassic Park” amusement park ride. He wore a khaki shirt with the “Jurassic Park” logo on it. Spielberg suddenly showed up and said “I know that,” pointing at the logo.

But Day, a longtime cast member and writer, replied in a way that makes him cringe to this day. “I don’t know why this came out of my mouth,” he explained, prompting Fallon to press for details.

“I said, ‘Yeah, the sketch doesn’t take place in the actual park. It takes place on the ride,’” he remembered.

Fallon reenacted the regrettable exchange with him so Day could craft a wittier response.

See what Day came up with below:


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