Seth Meyers Roasts The ‘Bad Scam Artists’ On Trump’s Legal Team


Seth Meyers was blown away by how close a bunch of “bad scam artists” came to overthrowing the nation’s democracy.

On “Late Night” Wednesday, Meyers reviewed footage of the fourth Jan. 6 committee hearing from earlier this week. The House panel investigating the U.S. Capitol attack interviewed Rusty Bowers, an Arizona GOP official who said that after the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump’s legal adviser Jenna Ellis told him that they had proof of electoral fraud but she didn’t have it on her.

“This is just me, but if I was preparing for a high stakes meeting with a prominent Republican official to convince them to overturn their state’s election results, reversing the will of 80 million people and potentially provoking a constitutional crisis, I think I’d remember to bring the evidence. But that’s just me,” Meyers joked.

“They actually thought they could get away with saying they had the proof, just never having it with them. These people are such bad scam artists. It’s actually remarkable how close they came to overthrowing American democracy,” he added.

Watch the rest of the roast below on “Late Night”:


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