Seth Meyers Proposes Savage New Trump Campaign Slogan


“It’s pretty amazing that when Trump ran in 2016, his slogan was ‘Lock her up’ and in 2024, it’s gonna be ‘Vote for me or I’m gonna go to jail,’” Meyers said on “Late Night” Wednesday.

Meyers was referring to a new Rolling Stone report that Trump is mulling a 2024 bid in part because being president could protect him from criminal charges.

“So, Trump’s plan apparently is to run for president again because he thinks that will protect him from being indicted by any of the various legal entities investigating him. And Trump knows he’s the one on the hot seat because, to state the obvious, none of this would have happened without him,” Meyers added. “All the various crimes documented by the [Jan. 6] committee flow from him. He’s the kingpin.”

Watch below on “Late Night”:


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