Ricky Gervais And Seth Meyers Lose It Over Penis Exchange On ‘Late Night’


Comedian Ricky Gervais cracked up “Late Night” host Seth Meyers and himself Thursday in a riff on full-body transplants. (Watch the video below.)

Gervais pondered a future when his head could be preserved and placed on the body of his choice.

“Statistically, I will get a bigger penis,” he said. “It won’t be mine.”

Meyers asked him how long it would take to get accustomed to a different penis.

“I wouldn’t be comfortable, although it wouldn’t be my hand either,” Gervais replied. “So I just close my eyes. I just go with the feeling.”

He and Meyers shared a few hearty laughs during the exchange.

“If that’s the last hurdle for science, I hope they watch this,” the host said.

Fast-forward to 5:00 for the transplant talk:


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