October 4, 2023

Reports July 15

July 15 – County calls

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office reported the following calls Thursday and Friday.

July 12, 2023

Suspicious (person, object, vehicle) – 6000 block US Hwy 31, 27000 block Nick Davis Road, 15000 block East Limestone Road, Lindsay Lane/US Hwy 72, Reid Road/Evans Road, 25000 block Thach Road, 25000 block Rooker Lane, 18000 block Sunflower Way, AL Hwy 251/Holt Road, Cowford Road/Brownsferry Road, 29000 block Hardiman Road, 8000 block US Hwy 72

Animal/Livestock- 10000 block US Hwy 31, 23000 block East Clearmont Drive, 11000 block Snake Road, 29000 block Little Creek Drive

Traffic Accident – US Hwy 72/Thompson Lane, AL Hwy 99/New Cut Road

Traffic Hazard/Debris – US Hwy 72/Hardy Road

Theft – 28000 block Bethel Road, 14000 block Zehner Road

Disruption – 16,000 blocks of Buckskin Drive, 24,000 blocks of Buckner Drive

Harassment – 25,000 block Summerwood Drive

Unwelcome Guest – 28000 block AL Hwy 99

Bevel – 13000 block Reid Road

SORNA Compliance Check – 17000 block Stonegate Drive

Alarm – 8000 block US Hwy 72, 17000 block Glaze Road

July 13, 2023

Suspicious (person, object, vehicle) – 28000 block Nuke Whitt Lane, 23000 block Bethel Road, Hobbs Farm, 27000 block Pinedale Road, Harris Station Road, Brownsferry Road/Reid Road, Mooresville Road/Old Hwy 20, AL Hwy 99/Cabbage Ridge Road, 27000 block Copeland Road

Animal/Livestock – 29000 block Little Creek Road

Traffic accident – 21000 block Harris Station Road

Drunk Driver – Van Dyke Road/Mooresville Road

Theft – 27000 block McKenna Drive, 14000 block Zehner Road

Prowler- 10,000 block Holt-Springer Road, 26,000 block Beech Grove Lane

Disruption – Old Railroad Bed Road / Capshaw Road, 16000 block Log Cabin Road, 19000 block Cox Road, 27000 block JB Magnusson Drive, 21000 block Rochelle Road

Criminal Mischief – 17000 block of Oakdale Road

Bevel – 29000 block McKee Road

SORNA Compliance Check – 17000 block Stonegate Drive

Alarm – 14000 block Norfleet Drive, 24000 block Mooresville Road

County Arrests

Limestone County Sheriff’s Office reported arrests on the following charges Thursday and Friday.

– menacing

commercial vehicle with expired tag, speeding

-first-degree possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substances

-two counts of fourth-degree larceny – miscellaneous larceny – less than $500

-driving under the influence (alcohol)

-third degree domestic violence – harassment

-third degree domestic violence – harassment

—driving with license suspended/withdrawn, no license, failure to register vehicle, failure/refusal to present insurance, driving vehicle without insurance, no seat belt

County thefts

Limestone County Sheriff’s Office reported the following thefts Thursday and Friday.

—Toney – premeditated robbery, US currency, May 25-July 12, $3,000, 28000 block Bethel Road

—Tanner – second degree theft, Case tractor trap, diesel fuel, July 12-13, $1,920, 21000 block of Harris Station Road

-Elkmont – fourth-degree robbery, Alabama tag, July 13, 23000 block AL Hwy 99

—Athens – third degree theft, wallet and contents, July 9-11, 11000 block Leonard Circle

-Athens – premeditated robbery, copper wire, July 12-13, $7,700, 27,000 block of McKenna Drive

– Athens – premeditated robbery, auto parts, July 13, $2,500, 15,000 block of Ham Road

—Tanner- third degree burglary, medication, Jul 14, $6,000, 11,000 block Escue Drive

City arrests

Athens police reported arrests on the following charges on Thursday and Friday.

-premeditated criminal violation, failure to appear – driver’s license revoked

-Public intoxication

– first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana

City thefts

The Athens police reported the following thefts on Thursday and Friday.

-property theft, merchandise, July 12, $39.54, 1000 block US Hwy 72

-fourth degree robbery, merchandise, July 13, $151.90, 1000 block US Hwy 72

City incidents

Athens police reported the following incidents on Thursday and Friday.

—criminal trespass, July 12, 200 block French Farms Blvd.

– first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana, marijuana cigar, and THC wax, July 12, 900 block S. Clinton Street

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