Poor Cat Bombs In ‘Tonight Show’ Pet Segment And Gets Zinged By Jimmy Fallon


Leo was no cool cat when it came time to perform on “The Tonight Show” Monday. (Watch the video below.)

His human from Hamilton, Ontario, told host Jimmy Fallon that Leo not only taught himself to play guitar and fetch, but teaches people to do the same.

But when it came time to strut his stuff for the “Why Is Your Pet Better Than Me?” segment in the studio, Leo did — nothing.

The poor kitty got stage fright, it seems.

“He’s acting as if he’s never seen a guitar,” Fallon quipped. “That’s an amazing talent in its own right.”

Fallon didn’t give the cat much of a chance to recover and briefly riffed on the French bulldog whose eyes welled up at the playing of a violin.

That’s show business, Leo.


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