Past NCAA Tournament games we wish we could watch again for the first time


March Madness is one of the few events that truly connects the past with the present and future. As every new tournament begins, each team feels the validation of a good season but also has visions of making a huge statement in the dance.

We missed out on all of that last year. The 2020 tournament was canceled just before it was set to happen. No buzzer beaters, upsets, or marathon viewing. The 2021 tournament will be a bit different, but it is back and there will be new memories to make and a new champion crowned.

The old moments live on, though, whether they were national championship games that ended on buzzer-beaters or upsets that gripped the nation. These games not only stoke memories that seemingly live forever but they also shape the way we look at the NCAA Tournament.

Here are 20 games of the past that, if we had the opportunity, we’d love to relive. These games were so fun to watch that we can’t get enough of them — well unless it was your favorite school that lost at the buzzer. Maybe it is a good time to check these out on YouTube if you get a chance.


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