No Charges Will Be Filed In Shooting Death Of Jamaican Immigrant Peter Spencer


Paul Jubas, the family attorney for Peter Spencer, said the Venango County District Attorney informed the family of their decision.

“Today the Venango County District Attorney announced that no charges will be filed for the shooting death of Peter Spencer,” Jubas said in a statement obtained by HuffPost.

“While we disagree with the decision, we are not surprised by it,” Jubas continued. “This is the type of behavior we have seen from the PA State Police and Venango County District Attorney from the outset.”

Jubas closed his statement by asking for privacy regarding the family of Peter Spencer.

Spencer, a Jamaican immigrant, was killed in December after being invited to a cabin by a co-worker in Venango County.

Pennsylvania state troopers found the 29-year-old dead of apparent gunshot wounds in Venango County on Dec. 12. According to their police report, they were responding to a call about a shooting at 2:26 a.m. when they found Spencer “in the front yard of a residence” with “apparent gunshot wounds to his body.”

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.


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