MMA Winner Joel Bauman Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel, Pedophiles In Weirdest Post-Fight Interview


MMA fighter Joel Bauman won his bout but lost his way in a bizarre rant that mentioned Jimmy Kimmel and pedophiles afterward. (Watch the video below.)

Bauman began by hyping his success with NFTs, then took an unexpected turn.

“Jimmy Kimmel, viral this,” he said. “I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet, and until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, you’re all pedophiles to me. Eat dick!”

Bauman walked away, then returned and grabbed the microphone, yelling “”

Wait, was Bauman’s off-the-rails blather a setup to promote a website? The site is a thing, offering merch to “stand up for your to right to be heard and free.”

Bauman, a 31-year-old former University of Minnesota wrestler who once fought the NCAA over the right to earn money as a songwriter while he competed in college, knocked out Anthony Ivy on Sunday in the Fury FC 68 event in San Antonio, Texas.

Bauman caused a stir in another post-fight interview recently when he blamed a loss on herpes and exhaustion from working on a non-fungible tokens project.


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