Mike Myers Is Back — And Playing Most Of The Roles — In ‘The Pentaverate’ Trailer


Mike Myers is playing a lot of roles in “The Pentaverate” — which makes sense because the teaser for his new Netflix series is also a lot.

We’re talking creepy dudes in masks, Ken Jeong’s chaotic energy and Myers playing eight freakin’ characters.

The six-episode comedy revolves around a secret society of five men called “The Pentaverate” that has been working to “influence world events for the greater good” dating back to the Black Plague of 1347, per the logline by Netflix. But the group may soon be exposed thanks to the sleuthing of a Canadian “old-school” journalist (Myers) who wants to break the story to get his job back, per Deadline.

In addition to Myers’ bonkers cast of characters (which also includes a conspiracy theorist and far-right radio host), Keegan-Michael Key will portray a nuclear physicist; Debi Mazar plays the Pentaverate’s executive assistant who is actually the brains behind the operation; and Jeong will depict a casino mogul and weather-based chaos theory specialist, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Jennifer Saunders — who worked with Myers in “Shrek 2” — will also play more than one role. Two, to be exact.

She will appear as the Maester of Dubrovnik and Saester of Dubrovnik, and although their character descriptions sound pretty convoluted — let’s just say they’re a brother and sister who are linked to the Pentaverate in a pretty wacky way and one of them looks like this:

Jennifer Saunders as Saester in “The Pentaverate.”
Jennifer Saunders as Saester in “The Pentaverate.”

But considering that Saunders created and starred in the British cult classic “Absolutely Fabulous,” we’d like to just say, we’ll take as much Saunders as we can get in anything.


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