Megbabe’s Underboob Sweat Powder Is My Holy Grail Summer Product


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One annoying side effect of summer temperatures is the drastic increase in how much we sweat — even if we’re only outside for a few minutes. Although deodorant saves the day in terms of preventing us from sweating (or just keeping our sweat from smelling unpleasant), figuring out what to do about underboob sweat is another challenge.

I will never forget going out with friends for my birthday one year, and near the end of the extremely hot summer day, I realized I had two huge sweat stains on the bodice of the very light green dress I was wearing. I was mortified, and ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to stop this from happening again. Luckily, I found one product that has become my holy grail: Megababe’s Bust Dust anti-boob sweat powder.

Though the brand is known for its sweat-absorbing Magic Powder lotion and aluminum-free deodorant (which HuffPost Shopping writer Griffin Wynne swears by), this boob sweat-specific powder is worth a try. I was skeptical about trying it, as I didn’t know if what appeared to be a glorified baby powder would actually ward off sweat stains. However, after eight hours of wear, I became a believer. My clothing stayed dry and stain-free, and I didn’t feel sticky and gross like I usually do when I sweat. I have larger breasts, so sweat accumulation doesn’t take long, but with this powder, I get much-needed relief.

Even though the pump on the bottle looks like it would dispense foam, its actually releases a fine mist of the talc- and aluminum-free powder. The powder absorbs sweat instantly and, though it contains lavender and aloe, it doesn’t really have a smell (which my sensitive skin is happy about). Megababe says the lavender helps prevent bacteria and aloe soothes skin, resulting in a slight cooling feel that is definitely welcome on hot summer days. But the lifesaving sweat-stopping ingredient is corn starch, which absorbs the perspiration on your skin.

If you need just a bit more convincing to add Megababe’s Bust Dust to your summer essentials, consider these glowing Ulta reviews:

“I have been suffering with under bust sweat for years. I even went as far to get little washable pads to help soak up the sweat because, my skin in so sensitive if it sets too long I break out really badly. But this bust dust really helps, I really like how you can reapply into your bra with less mess because I made a terrible mess using other powders, that didn’t even help with dryness as much.” — Mia

“Buy this. Right now. Have you ever been somewhere hot? Then you need this. Bought it for a 11 day trip to Hawaii and it’s freaking MAGICAL. It keeps you dry, comfy, un-sweaty, and it doesn’t get weird and clumpy or goopy or anything at all. I was in Hawaii in late August. The heat was no joke, and the humidity as well. And this kept me dry and comfy!!” — Lindsay

Megababe Bust Dust anti-boob-sweat powder

Each bottle contains 3 ounces of powder that’s free of aluminum, talc, parabens,
phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. It’s super easy to use: All you need to do is shake it well and spray it under your breasts and in your cleavage before putting on a bra or clothing.


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