October 1, 2023

Make a French connection with this Citroën DS on sale at Lucky Collector Auction this weekend

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The 1972 Citroën DS21 is a classic car that exudes elegance and refinement. With its striking blue exterior, sophisticated brown leather interior and a host of impressive features, this vintage vehicle captures the essence of timeless design. Refurbished by Citroën Classics of America, this particular DS21 offers a glimpse into the past while offering a comfortable and unique driving experience.

Finished in an enchanting shade of blue, this Citroën DS21 showcases bodywork that has been expertly repainted under previous ownership. European spec swiveling headlights with glass covers add a touch of sophistication to the front, while US spec taillights and turn signals provide a distinctive look at the rear. The Citroën-branded bonnet ornament, Pallas-style side cladding and stainless steel bumpers with black rubber guards add to the visual appeal.

Step inside and you are greeted by a sophisticated and luxurious cabin. The front bucket seats and rear bench seats are upholstered in rich tan leather, complemented by color-matched door panel inserts and black carpets. The Coolaire air conditioning system provides a comfortable driving environment, while the centrally positioned clock adds a touch of vintage charm. Although the trim panel above the parcel shelf has been detached, it can be restored to its original position, completing the interior aesthetic.

The Citroën DS21 features a single-spoke steering wheel with an aftermarket cover that provides a comfortable grip for the driver. The dash houses the iconic Jaeger instruments, including a 120 mph speedometer, a 6,500 rpm redline tachometer, and additional gauges. The lever on top of the steering column allows gears to be selected and clutch engaged via the central hydraulic system, illustrating the DS21’s unique engineering.

Beneath its streamlined appearance, the 1972 Citroën DS21 boasts a 2,175 cc straight-four engine paired with a four-speed semi-automatic transaxle. Equipped with a two-barrel Weber carburettor, this powertrain delivers a smooth and responsive driving experience. The innovative self-levelling, height-adjustable hydropneumatic suspension provides a smooth ride, while the inboard-mounted front disc brakes and rear drums provide reliable stopping power.

Chassis number 4658194, this Citroën DS21 has great historical value. The fact that it was originally sold by a retired Citroën dealer adds to its provenance and uniqueness. While it is a shame that the owner has to part with this cherished vehicle for health reasons, it offers a rare opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of automotive history.

The 1972 Citroën DS21 is a testament to the enduring allure of classic cars. With its distinctive design, luxurious interior and impressive features, this vintage vehicle embodies a bygone era of automotive elegance. Whether you are a seasoned collector or simply appreciate the timeless beauty of iconic cars, don’t miss the opportunity to own this Citroën DS21. Take the opportunity to experience the blend of style, performance and engineering excellence that this remarkable vehicle has to offer.

Lucky’s Spring Classic 2023 will be held Saturday, June 3 and 4 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the LeMay Marymount Event Center (map). The auction starts every day at 10:30 am.

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