Knicks ‘shocked and disappointed’ at losing Donovan Mitchell


The New York Knicks fell short in their bid to acquire Donovan Mitchell via trade, despite being heavily linked to the star guard all offseason. That outcome apparently has not gone down well even within the organization.

The Knicks are “shocked and disappointed” that the Utah Jazz traded Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. The Knicks seemingly believe they never got the chance to present the Jazz with their best offer.

In addition, according to Berman, the Knicks were not even particularly eager to sign forward RJ Barrett to a contract extension at this point. The Knicks preferred to use Barrett as part of a Mitchell trade, but opted to work out the extension when it became clear that the Cavaliers were leading the Mitchell sweepstakes.

Ultimately, the Knicks seem to have made a significant miscalculation regarding how serious the Cavaliers were about getting a deal done. The final offer they made was not as good as what Cleveland ultimately gave up to land Mitchell. It would appear that they thought nobody was going to better that offer, or at the very least, they would get one last chance to improve it if someone else did. They were mistaken on both accounts.

The Knicks are short on options now if they are set on making a blockbuster trade, but they are at least looking into other options, so it seems.


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