John Oliver Exposes Why You Always Get Screwed Buying From Ticketmaster


John Oliver on Sunday night took a closer look at “one of the most hated companies on Earth,” and it’s Ticketmaster.

“Which is really impressive, because remember: This is a planet in which AT&T also exists,” he said, jabbing at his corporate parent as AT&T owns HBO, where his show airs.

Ticketmaster, Oliver said, has “turbocharged many of the shitty practices that have now become industry standard” including exorbitant fees that can cost nearly as much as the ticket itself.

For many top events, Ticketmaster may only release a fraction of the tickets for regular sale at the normal price.

Then there’s the secondary market, which Ticketmaster not only hasn’t tried to stop, but also capitalizes on in ways many fans don’t even realize.

So what’s the solution?

The “Last Week Tonight” host has some ideas:


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