Jimmy Kimmel Tells Wanda Sykes What He Was Paid To Host Oscars, Says She’s Being ‘Robbed’


Jimmy Kimmel told Oscars host Wanda Sykes on Monday that he got paid $15,000 for hosting the Academy Awards and that she was “getting robbed.” (Watch the video below.)

That was when the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host asked her to reveal what she was getting. Sykes played it coy and said “like scale probably,” prompting Kimmel to say “it’s less than that” and blurt out his compensation for the job.

“Oh my God,” Sykes replied.

Kimmel, the last actual host of Hollywood’s biggest night in 2018 (he also hosted the show in 2017), suggested that Sykes and colleagues would split a similar amount.

“I’ve already decided I’m just gonna steal an Oscar,” Sykes joked.

Kimmel has mentioned his Oscars earnings previously. But the prestige of the gig apparently means something, too.

“I guess it’s a big deal, huh?” Sykes said.


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