Jimmy Kimmel Spots The 1 Sure Sign That Trump’s Lying About Putin


Trump initially praised Putin as a “genius,” claiming the Russian leader would gain control over Ukraine and the only penalty would be “$2 worth of sanctions.” Now, with the war going badly for Russia and world opinion turning against Putin, Kimmel said Trump was “dialing back his words of praise for his former sugar Vladdy.”

But Kimmel spotted a sign that proves Russia doesn’t see Trump as someone who was tough on them at all. Putin has levied sanctions on several U.S. officials, including President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State ― and Trump nemesis ― Hillary Clinton.

“You know who’s name’s not on the list? The guy who was ‘tougher than anyone’ on Russia,” Kimmel said. “Donald Trump is not on the list. He was so tough on Russia they were scared to put him on the list.”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:


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