October 4, 2023

INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster pickup and hydrogen prototype unveiled

ineos grenadier quartermaster

INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster pickup revealedIneos

  • The INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster is a pickup truck rendition of the company’s old-school SUV, featuring the same tough ladder-frame chassis and 282 horsepower BMW straight-six.

  • It’s unclear if the Quartermaster is heading to the US market, but the truck will start at the equivalent of $86,797 in the UK.

  • INEOS also showed a hydrogen fuel cell prototype version of its Grenadier SUV, with a powertrain sourced from BMW.

British chemical company INEOS hopes to keep the rugged workhorse spirit of the original Land Rover Defender alive with the Grenadier 4×4, its first foray into the automotive world. Now the company is going one step further in following the Defender, unveiling a new pick-up version called the Grenadier Quartermaster at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

ineos grenadier quartermaster


While the crew-cab truck is based on the same bones as the SUV, the Quartermaster’s ladder frame chassis is 12 inches longer, with that extra room for the 61.6-by-63.7-inch bed. Designed to fit easily on a standard European pallet, the Quartermaster’s bed is nearly as long as the Chevy Colorado’s bed, but about 5.0 inches wider.

Under the hood is the same BMW-produced 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six engine as the SUV, which is offered in Europe as a diesel alongside the 282PS petrol unit. Power is led by a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and a standard center locking differential and two-speed transfer case. Electronically locking front and rear differentials can be added for an extra cost, and the old-school solid axles are supported by a multi-link suspension.

ineos grenadier quartermaster


The Quartermaster rivals the SUV with a towing capacity of 7716 pounds and has a payload capacity of 1676 pounds, with four hitch hooks and a 400W power take-off in the cargo box. With 10.4 inches of ground clearance and a wading depth of 31.5 inches, the Quartermaster should handle some pretty serious terrain. A range of accessories is offered, from a waterproof canvas awning to a roof rack and a lockable tonneau cover.

The Grenadier Quartermaster will be offered in the same three trim levels as the SUV: a stripped-down base model, an off-road-focused Trialmaster, and a fully loaded luxury Fieldmaster. Orders have opened in the UK and Ireland, with prices starting at the equivalent of $86,797 at current exchange rates. INEOS has not said whether the Quartermaster will be offered in the US, with deliveries of the Grenadier 4×4 expected to start in late 2023.

ineos grenadier hydrogen prototype


Powered by hydrogen

INEOS also used the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​to show off a hydrogen-powered Grenadier prototype. INEOS said it is using BMW’s latest hydrogen fuel cell system, which we imagine is the iX5’s 395bhp powertrain that allows for a range of around 300 miles on a tank. The hydrogen Grenadier looks almost identical to the standard combustion versions, save for the hefty hood bulge needed to fit the fuel cell. INEOS says this ugly protrusion would not become a production model.

INEOS seems committed to the alternative fuel source. The company is already planning to launch an all-electric model in 2026, and CEO Lynn Calder points out that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are well suited for extended excursions. INEOS may also have an edge as the company already produces more than 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year. “Our demonstrator proves the technology is capable, but what we need now is support from policymakers to help provide the infrastructure for the next generation of hydrogen vehicles,” Calder explained. No timeline was given when INEOS hopes to sell hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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