If You’re Moving, This $30 Purchase Will Make Life So Much Easier


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As someone who’s moved a couple times — especially since I started living in New York City — I know firsthand how stressful the process of relocating is. Just the thought of having to pack up literally everything you own and fit it into boxes is daunting. I’m planning to move again in a couple months, and I’m already dreading it.

But as I was participating in yet another TikTok scroll session, I came across not one, not two, but three TikToks from three different people who were all raving about the same product: Veno heavy duty moving bags, which have more than 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

If you want a reusable alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes, which you have to take the time to put together and take apart, these bags are a great option. They’re ideal for moving and are sturdy enough to store all of your items securely, up to 50 pounds. They measure 29 by 13 by 15 inches and are made of durable polypropylene woven material, similar to the famous blue Ikea bag. You can buy them in sets of four, six, eight or ten, and in blue or gray. See them in action below.

But the best part about these bags is that they come with long carry handles and back side straps so you can carry them like backpacks. And when you’re done moving, you can use them for your other storage needs or as your new laundry bag to transport dirty clothes.

If you need just a little more convincing before you’re truly sold, check out these glowing Amazon reviews from people who’ve used them:

“Sturdy and durable! These were the best for moving. I’ve moved a bunch of times and tried everything – boxes, bins, you name it. I came across these when I was searching for moving supplies and am so glad I did!! I recommended them to a friend and she said the same thing. Great for blankets, bedding, clothes on hangers, odds and ends, pretty much anything. Now that I moved, I’ll use them for grocery and Costco trips.” — philephan81

“Buy these!!! I packed my entire closet in these 6 bags. They are durable and very easy to use. You can also leave your coats and jackets on hangers and pack them for easy transport. I keep seasonal items in them and I have been able to fit two queen sized comforters and a bunch of pillows in one bag. It’s definitely a good item to invest in.” — Dini Prabhakar

“These were my favorite part of my move from an apartment 4 floors from my car with a broken elevator. I was able to pack so much in them and then wear them down the stairs on my back while carrying another in my hands (or even two if they were light!). SUCH a great product. Surprisingly durable and able to handle heavy loads.” — Madelina


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