‘If Putin Gets Away With It Again, He’s Not Going to Stop’


Yovanovitch is out with a new book, Lessons from the Edge: A Memoir, about her three-decade-long career as a foreign service officer. She says she began writing it when Covid-19 upended everyone’s routines in early 2020, but she probably couldn’t have guessed that two years later, her experience in Ukraine would be urgent and valuable for an entirely new reason. I called her to discuss the new book, what she saw during her time in Ukraine that has made her think of the current conflict differently and how the impeachment has affected her life. “I’ve had a long career and I’ve done a lot of things throughout my life, some of which I’m proud of,” she said, “and I will always be remembered as the person who was fired by Trump.”

This conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity.


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