Horrifying Reality Of Russian Invasion Documented In Don Winslow’s ‘Hardest Video’ Ever


Bestselling author Don Winslow said his new video documenting the brutal reality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “the hardest” he’s ever made.

Gut-wrenching scenes of bodies being thrown into mass graves, mothers and children in tears, and residential areas bombarded by Russian missiles are hauntingly assembled alongside moments of Ukrainian stoicism as Vladimir Putin’s Russian army attacks.

Winslow shared the clip on social media with the hashtag #PutinsWarCrimes.

Warning: The video contains graphic images:

Winslow, the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers whose first viral videos took on former President Donald Trump and his enablers, shared the Russia-Ukraine clip online over the weekend.

By Wednesday morning, it had garnered almost 900,000 views on Twitter.


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