Former GOP Senate Candidate Has Possibly The Worst Take On Zelenskyy’s Speech To Congress


Zelenskyy received a standing ovation for the speech, which touched on the Sept. 11 attacks and Pearl Harbor while asking the United States to “do more” to help his country fend off Russia.

Apparently that wasn’t enough for Peter Schiff, who ran in the GOP Senate primary in Connecticut in 2010 and is now chief economist at Euro Pacific Capital. He complained that Zelenskyy didn’t get gussied up before speaking to Congress.

Schiff was harshly mocked for his tweet, which seemed to ignore that Zelenskyy might have other priorities besides putting on a suit and tie.

Schiff doubled down and insisted that Zelenskyy could have easily spiffed up a bit before addressing U.S. politicians.

A Twitter user pointed out that he specifically said Zelenskyy should “wear a suit,” forcing Schiff to name other clothing options that he would have been OK with Zelenskyy wearing before Congress — as if Schiff’s opinion about the Ukrainian president’s attire carries weight. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t).


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