September 22, 2023

Exclusive sneak peek of Jazwares’ SDCC releases

Jasware's 2023 SDCC exclusives include Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron, Pokemon, Squishmallows, Call of Duty, HALO, Fortnite, and AEW.  (Photos: Jazwares)

Jazwares’ 2023 SDCC exclusives include signature franchises Star WarsPokémon, Squishmallows, Duty, HALO, Fortnite and AEW. (Photos: Jazwares)

With 2023 marking the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedithe Jazwares toymakers are revealing a special surprise for Star Wars fans: An exclusive set of vehicles based on concept art from George Lucas’s original trilogy capper.

There will be three Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Storyboard ships will be available at San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

The X-wing and A-wing fighters and TIE Interceptor feature unique shadow colors and details that pay homage to the film’s original storyboards, allowing fans to recreate the climax where Rebels face off against the fully operational second Death Star of the rich.

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Storyboard Series

The Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Storyboard Series features X-wing, A-wing, and TIE Interceptor, based on Return of the Jedi concept art.  (Photos: Jazwares)

The Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Storyboard series includes X-wing, A-wing and TIE Interceptor based on Return of the Jedi concept art. (Photos: Jazwares)

The 5-inch X-wing features opening S-foils in attack position, retractable landing gear, opening cockpit canopy and working droid socket, along with a 1-inch pilot and astromech microfigures. The A-wing has similar adjustable elements and a pilot, while the 3-inch TIE Interceptor has removable wings and a hatch to insert the pilot. Each vehicle’s packaging includes excerpts from the original storyboards and is available for $19.99 each.

The vehicles are just some of Jazwares’ limited-edition offerings at this year’s Comic-Con, which will also include a quartet of limited-edition critters of the hugely popular (and hugely cuddly) Squishmallows, as well as a 28-piece set of Pokémon figures and toy incarnations from the brand’s major video game licenses. Here’s your exclusive first look at the SDCC lineup, available at the Jazewares booth July 19-23.


The SDCC Check-In Squishmallow exclusives include Malcolm the Mushroom (in blue puffer), Emily the Bat (in purple hoodie), Cam the Cat (in denim), and Pattie the Pig (in bucket hat).  (Photos: Jazwares)

The SDCC Check-In Squishmallow exclusives include Malcolm the Mushroom (in blue puffer), Emily the Bat (in purple hoodie), Cam the Cat (in denim), and Patty the Pig (in bucket hat). (Photos: Jazwares)

The exclusive Check-In Series Squishmallows features a quartet of popular plushies in special Comic-Con gear: Malcolm the Mushroom (wearing a special blue puffer jacket), Emily the Bat (wearing a purple hoodie), Cam the Cat (all spiked) and Patty the Pig (in a fuzzy bucket hat variety), each available for $40.


(Photo: Jazwares)

Each 2-inch figure comes in special packaging and is dynamically posed, highly detailed and looks like it just popped out of the sky. Pokémon animated series.(Photo: Jazwares)

The SDCC-exclusive Select First Partner Battle Figure Pack will debut at Comic-Con and only be available afterwards as a direct-to-consumer exclusive. Based on the animated series, this specially packaged set contains 2-inch versions of all 28 First Partner Pokémon plus Pikachu and is available for $99.99.

Star Wars Krsantan costume

(Photo: Jazwares)

This inflatable jumpsuit comes with a built-in fan and a detachable battery to inflate and deflate. (Photo: Jazwares)

After his introduction in Boba Fett’s book, this The reformed Wookiee bounty hunter became an instant fan favorite. Jazwares made this $50 inflatable Krrsantan costume, complete with gloves. (Meanwhile, fans seeking the full Krrsantan experience at SDCC can pose for photo ops with the Wookiee in the Star Wars Pavilion.)

HALO Warthog

(Photo: Jazwares)

The exclusive 4-inch scale vehicle features a blacklight-reactive Neon Superfly coating. It comes with an articulated 4-inch Spartan Celox. (Photo: Jazwares)

The Halo Infinite Warthog (Neon Superfly) is a 4-inch war machine that glows under blacklight. The truly limited-edition vehicle (Jazwares only made 1,000 of them) costs $49.99 and comes complete with Spartan Celox figure and DLC code, and housed in a metal foil packaging.


Lieutenant Simon

Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley is depicted in his “Last Breath” skin of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. (Photo: Jazwares)

As the venerable franchise turns 20, Jazwares is launching a new line of Duty action figures, including SDCC’s exclusive Ghost (Last Breath). This fully poseable, highly detailed 6-inch figure features the “Last Breath” skin, worn by Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and is equipped with interchangeable hands, radio, vintage .45 pistol and M4A1 assault rifle with magazine. Ghost is limited to 1,000 figures and will be available at Comic-Con for $39.99.

Fortnite two-pack

(Photo: Jazwares)

This exclusive SDCC set includes two limited-edition 4-inch figures of Beef Boss and Tomatohead with gold trim. Only 1,000 are available. (Photo: Jazwares)

This “vending machine” two-pack includes gold-finished versions of fully articulated, heavily armed Beef Boss and Tomatohead encased in a gold case with LED-lit housing, all for $39.99.


(Photo: Jazwares)

Sting rises from the box with cursed black mist face paint and signature black baseball bat. (Photo: Jazwares)

The All Elite Wrestling crew will be represented at SDCC by Sting, based on his surprise appearance in 2022 at Dynamite: Quake by the Lake. Including his signature coffin and baseball bat, this six-inch collectible will be available for $40.

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