EPFL Summer Research Program in Switzerland 2024 | Fully Funded

Are you looking for an international summer program? The EPFL Summer Research Program in Switzerland 2024 is a unique opportunity to undertake research at the prestigious École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The EPFL School of Life Sciences offers this research fellowship to International undergraduate and first-year master’s students in the field of Life Sciences. With this research program in Europe, international students will take part in an enriching eight-week laboratory engagement program during the summer of 2024. Participating in EPFL’s research groups allows students to gain firsthand insight into the dynamic scientific community in Switzerland. If this opportunity to participate in a summer fellowship in 2024 sounds interesting, you must read till the end, especially if you want to study in Switzerland for free.

The EPFL Summer Research Program is available to students specializing in biology, biophysics, chemistry, bioengineering, bioinformatics, quantitative biology, and other related disciplines. Moreover, the fully funded summer fellowship accommodates 20-25 participants each summer. During this period, participants benefit from personalized mentoring provided by esteemed faculty and researchers at EPFL. Being a fully funded research program, it offers students a stipend of CHF 3,400 along with housing and travel costs. Similarly, beyond the lab, participants get access to engaging scientific seminars, helping them expand their knowledge. The summer program in Switzerland also organizes Friday afternoon workshops covering both science-related topics and personal development. To wrap up the program, EPFL holds a closing symposium featuring poster sessions or presentations from all participants. Hence, it allows them to showcase their research accomplishments.

In addition to the academic aspects, the EPFL summer program includes a diverse range of social activities. This includes a day hike to the Swiss Alps, BBQs, and optional excursions to exciting places like CERN. This approach ensures that participants not only thrive in their scientific pursuits but also build a sense of community and exploration. Similarly, this research program at EPFL has a duration of two months, starting from 3 July 2024 to 25 August 2024. EPFL, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, located in Switzerland, stands as one of Europe’s leading institutions for science, engineering, and technology. The institution’s global reputation for research, technological advancement, and a diverse, international community positions EPFL as the most preferred educational destination for international students from all around the globe.


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Deadline is January 31, 2024

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