Could China help end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? | Russia-Ukraine war


Video Duration 25 minutes 25 seconds

From: Inside Story

Beijing is under pressure to condemn the war in Ukraine, while it also seeks to preserve ties with Moscow.

China is one of Russia’s closest allies and trading partners.

Tense relations with the United States and Europe have pushed the neighbours even closer in recent years.

But Beijing has come under international pressure to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, which goes against its own stated principle of protecting sovereignty and noninterference.

The US has warned against helping Moscow evade western sanctions, or providing military aid.

So what are the options for Chinese leaders?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Andy Mok – Senior research fellow at the Center For China and Globalization

Theresa Fallon – Director of the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies

Heino Klinck – Former US deputy assistant secretary of defence for East Asia


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