Conservative Columnist Warns GOP Of ‘Demented Fringe’ Pushing Trump 2024


A conservative writer urged Republicans not to nominate Donald Trump for president again, arguing “the GOP does not lack options” and “does not need to return to this well.”

The idea of selecting “extraordinary selfish” Trump to run in 2024 “should be absurd, risible, farcical, outré” and “the preserve of the demented fringe,” he wrote.

The GOP is not short of candidates who haven’t lost an election and then “disgracefully lied about it for a year” or “inspired a riot in the service of that lie,” Cooke added.

Trump “is hated by an awful lot of Americans for good cause, and there is absolutely no reason for those Americans to be asked to sweat their vote again next time around,” he said. “The man lost. He’s a loser. It’s time we picked a winner for a change.”


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