CERN Openlab Summer Student Program 2024 in Switzerland | Fully Funded

CERN Openlab Summer Student Program 2024 is a fully-funded summer internship program in Switzerland. The CERN Openlab program is open for bachelor’s and master’s level students specialising in computer science subjects. The CERN research internship program is a fantastic opportunity for international students from all over the world. Students will experience the world’s most complex, innovative and largest scientific instruments. This internship at CERN will help the students to quench their need to gain advanced knowledge. Furthermore, students will get insights into the fundamental laws of nature. The Summer Internship duration is two months (nine weeks). So the students will spend two months in Europe for free. Are you currently pursuing your bachelor’s or master’s and have a strong interest in IT? Then, this CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2024 is the perfect opportunity for you to gain practical training.

During the two months of the CERN Openlab summer students programme, students will work on advanced IT projects and get a series of IT lectures specially prepared for the CERN interns by experts at CERN and other institutes. Furthermore, the CERN students can attend the fully funded CERN Summer Student Program lectures if the students want to learn from this program, too. CERN Openlab Summer Student Program interns will also get a chance to visit the accelerators and experimental areas. At the end of the Openlab Summer Program, the students will have to submit a short report and presentation of their work as a CERN Openlab Summer Program intern. Moreover, the Openlab summer student program will help students get international experience and exposure to IT and related fields. The fully funded CERN internship program offers fascinating, innovative and challenging projects with a lifetime experience that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

CERN Openlab Summer Student Program 2024 in Switzerland is basically training the IT specialists of the future. CERN Openlab program aims to create knowledge through research, development, creativity and evaluation of advanced computing technologies. This knowledge is distributed through a range of channels, like reports and articles of lectures and seminars. During the CERN internship in Switzerland for international students in 2024, students will get to learn through speakers and experts who are working at the forefront of advanced technologies. In addition, CERN is working to make sure that the future generation of IT specialists should get the right skills. CERN Internship in Europe also organizes hands-on workshops and training courses. The 2024 edition of the CERN Openlab program is open to all, and it will tackle challenges related to the environment. The CERN Openlab Summer Student Program 2024 is highly competitive; only a few top applicants are among all applicants.

CERN Openlab Summer Internship in Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for enthusiastic, motivated, outstanding international students. CERN interns will become a part of an international organisation that can positively impact the globe. CERN Internship 2024 Benefits are not limited to study and experience. The fully funded internship at CERN will also groom the students and improve their personalities. The CERN Openlab Summer Student Program 2024 is one of the top-class fully funded European Internship programs. Furthermore, international exposure and experience through the CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme will open doors to many other international opportunities for them. For that purpose, do not skip this article. Detailed information about the fully funded CERN Openlab Summer Student Program criteria, requirements, and benefits are provided below; make sure to read the article to the end so you do not miss any important details.


Here are more details about the CERN Openlab Internship 2024


CERN Summer Internship Location: Geneva

CERN Internship 2024 Duration: 2 Months


Deadline is January 31, 2024

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