September 25, 2023

Can cannabis improve your sex life?

How Does Cannabis Affect Your Sex Life?  Here's how people use it.  (Illustration by Ivana Cruz for Yahoo / Photo: Getty Images)

How Does Cannabis Affect Your Sex Life? Here’s how people use it. (Illustration by Ivana Cruz for Yahoo / Photo: Getty Images)

Cannabis use has a surprising number of benefits, including stress reduction and pain management. But there may be another potential benefit to using cannabis products that has been little talked about so far: improving one’s sex life.

Not much research has been done in the field, but a 2023 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research examined the perceived influence of cannabis on sexual function and satisfaction. Amanda Moser, one of the study’s authors and a research compliance coordinator at the University of Denver, tells Yahoo Life: “The impact of cannabis on sex hasn’t been extensively researched — this is a big reason why I decided to conduct a nationwide study. to its effects on sexual function and satisfaction. Anecdotally, there are many personal accounts of cannabis-enhancing sex, with no scientific evidence to back it up.”

The results of the study showed a link between using cannabis products and having a more satisfying sexual experience, with more than 70% of participants reporting increased desire and a stronger orgasm.

What Moser discovered, she says, is that there are multiple ways cannabis can improve a person’s sex life. It can make you more interested in sex — “some concentrates can have an aphrodisiac effect,” she notes — and also make it easier to have an orgasm and enabling one to achieve more intense orgasms. For women, that could be multiple orgasms and “generally more pleasure and satisfaction” for everyone.

Dr. Leah Millheiser, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford Medicine, isn’t surprised when she tells Yahoo Life, “Cannabis can increase blood flow to the genitals, resulting in increased lubrication, sensation, and increased orgasmic intensity.”

Justin Garcia, executive director of the Kinsey Institute and scientific advisor to the dating platform Match, agrees that using cannabis can have a positive impact when it comes to having “a more intense sexual experience”.

For women, he adds, “it could also provide a more intense orgasm.” Garcia says in a study published in Sexual medicine in 2019, researchers found that “women who reported using marijuana prior to sex reported increased sex drive, improved orgasms, and reduced pain.”

But, he notes, there are some drawbacks. “Conversely, it can make you think too much, which can lead to insecurity. Marijuana also has the ability to make you sleepy, which isn’t always good for nighttime sex.”

Helen E. Fisher, anthropologist, author and lead science advisor to Match, also adds that you may want to hold off on using cannabis if you’re dating someone new, explaining: “Outside the bedroom, I wouldn’t recommend to use marijuana.” in the early stages of dating for social purposes,” she tells Yahoo Life, “because it can make you extremely self-conscious, and self-consciousness can lead to paranoia, which can negatively impact the date. Plus, marijuana can make the mind wander and distract, which isn’t exactly sexy.”

Many of those who use cannabis to improve their sex life say they have benefited greatly.

Mason, 28, who lives in Oregon and owns cannabis accessory brand Smoke Honest, says his and his wife’s sex lives have improved with cannabis use.

“Cannabis allows us to relax faster and focus on intimacy,” he tells Yahoo Life. “It prevents other thoughts from distracting from the intimacy of sex. It prevents overthinking and stimulates relaxation. It accentuates every bit of feeling and touch, be it sexual or intimate touches.”

Mason adds, “It’s also made talking about intimacy easier and more open. It’s made it easier to have new experiences with my partner.”

Elisha Thompson, 47, lives in Arizona and author of Yoga for Kink, says she makes cannabis coconut oil, which she uses as a lubricant to enhance sexual pleasure. It’s something that Moser says is a great option to consider for people who aren’t interested in getting high.

For those interested in experimenting with cannabis in their sex life, Moser recommends taking it easy by using the smallest amount, or as she puts it, “low and slow, especially if you have a lower tolerance to cannabis.” or trying a new cannabis product.”

That’s because there are side effects to using cannabis that may not make for the best bedfellows. “You don’t want you or your partner to overdo it and potentially have a bad experience, which can range from falling asleep when you didn’t intend to or THC-induced anxiety and paranoia,” she notes.

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