Browns not committed to Baker Mayfield?


Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield received the public vote of confidence from general manager Andrew Berry. Inside the Browns organization, though, those words might be nothing more than a simple statement to buy time for a quarterback search.

Cleveland certainly wasn’t pleased with the production from its starting quarterback in 2021. While he played through a shoulder injury, Mayfield suffered it because of reckless play, and his durability is an increasing concern. When he tries to play through pain, the results are disastrous for a playoff contender.

Mayfield entered last season wanting to prove himself. Betting on himself backfired as the Browns missed the playoffs, and the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft raised new concerns about his viability as a franchise quarterback.

The Browns expressed support for Mayfield after the season and suggested he would be their starting quarterback in 2022. Based on the latest reporting from ESPN, it seems that commitment might not be genuine.

According to NFL insider Dan Graziano, the Browns have been “poking around and discussing potential upgrades” over Mayfield this offseason.

Cleveland just acquired Amari Cooper, the first step toward improving the passing attack. However, it likely isn’t enough for Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Why the Cleveland Browns might replace Baker Mayfield


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