Barista Abigail Brooks Sings Into Broom On ‘American Idol,’ Gets Swept Up In The Moment


Abigail Brooks began her “American Idol” audition Sunday with a broom and a dream ― and she finished with both intact. (Watch the video below.)

The 21-year-old barista, a Colorado native now in New York City, likes to sing into a broom when the coffee shop where she works is empty, according to her intro. So judge Katy Perry asked the “Idol” staff to get Brooks a broom, to make her more comfortable for the audition.

With her prop, the unassuming hopeful found her groove in singing Don McLean’s “Vincent.” She hit a dramatic note and Perry gestured energetically in approval.

In her video intro, Brooks described herself as an “old soul” and said she grew up “surrounded by older music” like Barbra Streisand’s. For judge Luke Bryan, this was apparent.

Bryan praised Brooks for being “a great singer of that style of music,” but questioned whether it was practical for “American Idol.” Fair enough.

The third judge, an impressed Lionel Richie, promised to tell his pal Streisand about the young singer.

All that, plus three thumbs up from the judges to advance her to Hollywood, should give Brooks more confidence in the next round.


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