Armie Hammer’s Lawyer Denies Rumor He’s Working As Hotel Concierge


Social media users were convinced that actor Armie Hammer now works as a Cayman Islands hotel concierge — until the flyer that spawned the rumor was debunked as a fake.

The notion that a Hollywood A-lister now tends to the every need of rich resort guests could seem fanciful on its face. But it was made slightly more believable by the fact that Hammer lives in the Cayman Islands and has stayed out of the public eye since being accused of rape last year.

The concierge rumor began with a flyer found in Grand Cayman that showed the actor’s face, according to Variety. The creators of the flyer remain unidentified.

“I am your personal concierge and am here to help you get the very best from your vacation,” the flyer read.

In addition to listing Hammer’s purported services, the fake ad informed tourists about discount vouchers for local excursions, restaurants and deep-sea fishing expeditions. While the prank was initially local, a photo of the flyer crossed oceans when “Desus & Mero” producer Muna Mire tweeted it out.

“my friend’s parents went on vacation in the Cayman Islands and armie hammer was their concierge i’m still not over it,” she tweeted on July 6. (She later deleted the tweet.)

Hammer was last seen in this year's "Death On The Nile," and was notably absent from much of the promotion.
Hammer was last seen in this year’s “Death On The Nile,” and was notably absent from much of the promotion.

Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment via Getty Images

Hammer’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, denied to Variety on Wednesday that the “Social Network” star was a concierge. An employee at Morritt’s Resort ― the hotel listed on the flyer ― told the outlet that while Hammer is a frequent guest, it was created as a prank.

The employee also told Variety that Hammer befriended some of the staff and occasionally played golf with them, and that these acquaintances created the flyer and sent copies to guests as a joke.

The prank follows on the heels of serious allegations.

Hammer, who’s been staying in the Cayman Islands since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, left the spotlight in early 2021 after supposed direct Instagram messages leaked online that revealed alleged rape and cannibalism fetishes.

While Hammer called the allegations “bullshit claims,” his previous flame Jessica Ciencin Henriquez later tweeted that the messages “are real.” In March 2021, a woman named Effie claimed Hammer “violently” raped her over the course of four hours in Los Angeles in 2017.

Hammer exited a movie starring Jennifer Lopez as a result of the allegations and checked into a Florida treatment program for drugs, sex and alcohol abuse in May 2021.

Hammer’s attorney told E! News in December that the actor was “doing great.”


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