Amazon’s Grab And Go Shopping Gives Black Customers The Jitters On ‘SNL’


It sounds inviting. The Amazon (grab and) Go shopping set-up touted in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch lets shoppers simply take what they want, walk out and be billed for it with the help of automatic price scans.

But the black customers are terrified it’s a trap.

“You want me to just take something and walk out?” asks Kenan Thompson. “Nah, son. No no no no no.”

“You should grab it,” Andrew Dismukes urges Zoë Kravitz when she spots her favorite kambucha while they’re shopping in a scene. You pick it up, she tells him.

Thompson is so terrified he’ll be tackled by cops as he leaves the store with food he has “grabbed,” that he places cash on the exit turnstile as a “tip” just in case.

“It’s a damn trap,” declares Punkie Johnson.

Check it out in the clip above.


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