September 20, 2023

Amazon is holding a massive game sale just in time for Memorial Day

Elevate your gaming setup with these epic discounts from Amazon.  (Photo: Amazon)

Elevate your gaming setup with these epic discounts from Amazon. (Photo: Amazon)

An alternative view for this Memorial Day… Some people will tell you that the great thing about summer is swimming, sunbathing, walking, parties and vacations. Those people are wrong. Some other people really know the score: that, instead of getting all sticky, sunburnt and exhausted, real warm-weather nirvana is spending long afternoons indoors, AC blasting, propped up in front of a monitor, 32-ounce soda in hand, family bag of Doritos by your side, headphones on, taking on the blockbuster video games of the summer.

Whether you play Tears of the Kingdom like everyone else or you bide your time Final Fantasy XVI, there are plenty of great games to look forward to – and, thanks to the holidays, to save on. Amazon is currently running a Memorial Day gaming sale with huge discounts on everything from hardware to accessories to top titles. You can also save big on Nintendo Switch hardware and games, as they don’t go on sale very often!

THQ Nordic

Get two fantastic games in one and dive deep into the lore of the Star Wars universe.

$20 at Amazon

All Star Wars fans owe it to themselves to try out this two-pack collection. Both JediKnight: Jedi Academy And Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast are bangers you don’t want to miss. They’re a great way to revisit old classics in a more modern setting. Get both now for just $20 – that’s a third of the regular price!

“Surprised how good this port was – I’m now at the age in life where I can go back and appreciate the nostalgia of playing games from when I was a kid and seriously wonder how I ever got them in the first place. Oh! Cheats! Excellent,” joked one gamer. “So much easier than trying to get it to run on a modern PC, the PS4 port has done a fantastic job of making games from my childhood available to play on a modern TV. Not too shabby.”


Battle monsters, grow crops and bond with the townsfolk in this small town RPG.

$30 at Amazon

If you’ve never played Rune factory, you miss. The latest entry in the franchise puts you in the role of an amnesiac character who takes over the role of city guard, fighting monsters and fulfilling missions. If your previous Rune factory save data, some of those characters will make cameo appearances in this.

“I’m a huge fan of the Rune Factory series and have played all the other main games in the series. They’ve definitely taken their time with this one and it shows. It’s no longer a fixed, isometric perspective, but a full 3D , 3rd person game where you have to move the camera where you want it takes some getting used to, but it’s nice to see it still has the feel and spirit of a Rune Factory game while looking much better than it’s predecessors. I’ve been playing it for hours,” said one fan.


If you want to make sure your PlayStation 5 stays cool no matter how long the gaming session lasts, this cooling stand can help. As an added bonus, it can also keep your controllers charged and replenished.

$36 at Amazon

One customer said, “I paired this fan with one of the clips on the back for extra airflow. The system stays cool when in use for several hours. I like this fan setup best because it gives me a place to nestle and charge all of my accessories without a bunch of wires everywhere. Very aesthetically pleasing.”

The Razer Kaira X works with the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and even mobile games. It’s your go-to all-round headset, and it’s definitely worth a try, thanks to the two 50mm drivers and custom memory-fit earcups. It is available in five colors.

“This headset is amazing! It has great sound. You can hear all the little noises in the background and the footsteps in fps games are crystal clear too. My friends can hear me clearly through the microphone. It fits my oversized head and it is extremely comfortable. The mute button is very easy to operate and overall this headset is a steal at $60. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a really good headset that is extremely well priced,” said a customer.

Square Enix

If you like Final Fantasy then you’ll love the chance to revisit this remastered PSP classic. It is available on almost every platform and it is also 20% off.

$40 at Amazon

crisis core originally launched on the PSP. It’s an excellent title that didn’t get nearly enough attention when it was first released. It tells more of the backstory of Final Fantasy VII, which goes hand in hand with the remake of that titl
e. Experience it now with updated graphics and gameplay.

“This was my first Final fantasy game back on the PSP! It’s still one of my favourites. I’m so glad they remade it for modern consoles so I could play it again. It’s still as good as ever. Almost everything has been improved in this version (gameplay, graphics)…” said one fan.


Immerse yourself in the game with these noise-cancelling cans. The microphone pops off when not needed, and they’re completely wireless for maximum comfort.

$50 at Amazon


If you want the most realistic experience, ditch the controller and play with a flight stick. Flight simulations will never be the same again.

$65 at Amazon

Games like Elite: Dangerous And Microsoft Flight Sim benefit from improved controls. It makes for a more immersive, lifelike experience, and the Thrustmaster T-Flight is one of the best entry-level sticks out there. It includes 14 action buttons, a rapid-fire trigger, a hat switch, and five different axes.

“The throttle in Ace Combat is great and all the axis controls, aiming options, etc. said one pilot.

Logitech for creators

Do you want to start streaming? Or just looking for a new microphone? You can’t go wrong with Blue.

$90 at Amazon

Blue is an excellent condenser microphone for everything from streaming and gaming to just chatting with friends. Whether you need a better microphone for work that won’t pick up the sound from your keyboard or you want to dip your toes into the wonderful world of streaming, this 30% off deal is great.

One of over 24,500 five-star fans says, “I’m not an expert with microphones, but I had a few headsets and nothing compares to the sound quality (input) this microphone provides. The microphone is really great. You can adjust the direction determine where the mic focuses and also the sound quality is pretty good.People have told me my voice now sounds like I’m right next to them….I’ve used it in Zoom meetings and even for my professors have told me that I sound much better than before.”

Want to kick back and game in style? It doesn’t get any better than in this chair, with two built-in speakers and Bluetooth audio.

$142 at Amazon

“Bought this chair as a Christmas present for our now 16 year old and it’s perfect. The chair is comfortable, it’s over six feet tall and fits perfectly. It was easy to put together. The built-in sound system exceeded my expectations considering the price I was pleasantly surprised. I would totally recommend it for the gamer in your life!” said one parent.


The PlayStation 5 is great, but it’s a bit lacking on the storage front. This internal SSD is not only compatible with the PS5, but also lightning fast and has two terabytes of extra power.

$170 at Amazon

Adding an internal SSD to your PlayStation 5 isn’t difficult, but they’ve been pretty pricey. Now that this 2TB option is on sale, now’s the perfect time to get your hands on some extra storage space. This one is compatible with the PlayStation 5, installs in just minutes, and works great on both PC and PS5.

One user gushed, “Love the speed! it’s by far the fastest SSD drive I’ve used. The benchmark rated it at 92%, meaning only 8% of drive tests rated it higher! Yes, you can spend less for the same size and have slower read/write speeds, but this drive is just what I needed for intensive writing.”


With exclusive PlayStation 5 features, this TV is ideal for gamers thanks to its fantastic aspect ratio, beautiful screen and 4K HDR support.

$998 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Here’s everything you need to know Memorial Day Sale, plus the best deals on the web — kept up-to-date by our team of store editors. View all our Memorial Day Sale Coverage on Yahoo, Engadget and In the Know, here.

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