September 22, 2023

‘Amazing Race Canada’ stars Allie Seller and Eddie Parinas reflect on ‘provoking’ memory challenges

Memorizing and breakfast products seemed to throw a spanner in the works for the plans The Great Race Canada stars, married couple Allie Seller and Eddie Parinas, the second team eliminated from the race.

In the first episode of Season 9 of the series, Parinas stumbles upon remembering and delivering pancake orders to a hungry group in Calgary. In the second episode, he was again bogged down by another memory challenge, which required him to memorize a script about the 2024 Chevrolet Trax 2RS and perform the vehicle introduction, containing 20 facts about the car, to a potential buyer.

“When I took on the memory challenge, I honestly felt so vulnerable,” Parinas shared YahooCanada. “This race has fully exposed my weaknesses.”

“I hate doing anything that is memory. … Our plan for entering this race was that I would do all the high stunt stuff and all the adrenaline stuff, she does all the book stuff, remember it , the math stuff Yeah, it didn’t it didn’t work very well for me… And the pressure of other teams coming in and doing it super fast, and then leaving a quarter of a million dollars up for grabs, all of that just loomed in over my head and it just made it even harder for me to remember anything.”

Those memory challenges were coupled with the moment in the most recent episode where the racers had to make sausage, a kind of spoiled popular breakfast food for Parinas.

“I haven’t had pancakes yet. It’s very exciting,” he said. “We just ran the race, so it’s still fresh in our minds.”

“I used to love sausages until I actually had to make them. … So that whole process was unsettling to me. … I probably won’t be eating sausages, sausages and hot dogs for a long time. They’re out of there. For now, stay I’m at French toast, but then I’ll go back to pancakes because I’m not giving up on pancakes.”

The salesperson emphasized that when they took on the Chevrolet memory challenge, they didn’t really have a chance to recover from the pancake challenge.

“We led most of day one, right up to the pancakes, and then we didn’t really catch up on day two,” she explained.

Allie Seller and Eddie Parinas on Season 9 of The Amazing Race Canada on CTV

Allie Seller and Eddie Parinas on Season 9 of The Amazing Race Canada on CTV

‘If we were only there for a short time, but it still had an impact, then great’

While the Great Racing Canada While the experience may not have gone as planned, the British Columbia couple received a lot of credit for really supporting each other through the tough moments of the race.

“We’ve actually received a lot of positive feedback, messages from random people just saying we represent how you should treat each other,” Seller said. “We had to pause and look at it because that’s just who we are, so we didn’t really recognize that as a trait or a quality, … it’s really who we are in our relationship.”

“We’re glad that was a takeaway. If we were only there for a short amount of time, but it still made an impact, that was great.”

Looking back at their time in the race, the pair would change something about their strategy, which was to reverse perceived roles in challenges.

“We really had a plan about who would do certain things, but we didn’t necessarily have a plan to look at the layout of the show, and how it’s meant to mislead you and trigger you to take the role of the other person to play.” seller said. “So I really think the only takeaway, if it was a rerun, is whatever it says and who you think should play the part, just flip it around because you probably have a better chance of getting the one you like better you’re in.”

Looking ahead to the rest of the race, Seller and Parinas were able to identify some particularly strong teams.

“Time [Smith] and Kat [Kastner] came out of the gate strong right away, Deven [Condo-Mitchell] and amanda [Larocque] we had more of an unspoken connection, just with an energy,” Seller said.

“Personally, I thought Ben [Chutta] and Anwar [Ahmed] was definitely the strength team,” said Parinas. “They’re very athletic. … They work well together.”

While Seller and Parinas are eliminated Great Racing Canada they are still big fans of the show and will continue to watch as the season unfolds in the weeks to come.

“Eddie will watch this show again, I’m not exaggerating, it would be at least 100 times. Every episode,” Seller said. “I think he’s already gone through Episode 1 50 times.”

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