September 28, 2023

A father films his daughter on her birthday every year and asks the same questions in ‘How do you measure a year?’ doc, divorced couples search for love in ‘The Big D’, the strange story of a Florida principal who hypnotized college students is explored in ‘Look Into My Eyes’ and all the best in pop culture the week of June 12, 2023

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STREAM IT: Documentary dad conducts Oscar-nominated social experiment with daughter in How do you measure a year?

As the old saying goes, they grow up so fast (really). And while many parents are looking for creative ways to commemorate their children’s coming of age, Jay Rosenblatt is probably the only one to have earned an Oscar nomination for this. On each of her birthdays for 17 years, the When we were bullies Documentary filmmaker asked his daughter Ella the same series of questions (“What do you want to do when you grow up?”, “What do you want to say to your older self?”), and the result is a moving and telling picture of maturation, ideals and aspirations in the modern world that earned the Rosenblatts an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Short. Watch an exclusive clip above (ages 11 and up). — Kevin Polwy

How do you measure a year? premieres Wednesday, June 14 HBO And max.

LOOK AT IT: The big D offers audiences another chance to fall in love with it

This reality show, which was canceled by TBS and bailed out by the US, puts 10 divorced couples in a tropical villa, where they will try to find love again. Not only in front of their ex, but possibly also with them. Uncomfortable! “I still care about him, even if I’m a little dead inside,” contestant Gillian says of her ex, David. They’ve only been separated for seven months and he already wants her back. Bad. “I crawl on my stomach,” he says, “and I want to do this for us. I want to work on our marriage again.” Brooks and Casey are in a completely different place – well, at least she is. She says Brooks tries “every day” to get back with her, when she wants him to “get discovered and meet a hottie.” Overseeing all this chaos are hosts JoJo Fletcher, a former star of The Bacheloretteand her husband Jordan Rodgers, to whom she gave the final rose during her season. —Raechal Shewfelt

The big D premieres Wednesday, June 14 at 10 p.m. in the US.

STREAM IT: Look in my eyes is the latest from AMC True crime story

Prepare to be hypnotized by the latest episode in AMC’s True crime story franchise. This particular four-part docuseries chronicles the exploits of Dr. George Kenney, a former Florida high school principal who used his students as guinea pigs for his extracurricular activities in hypnosis. Kenney eventually lost his job after the deaths of three students in 2011, after which local journalists were informed of his involvement. More than a decade later, some participants in the case explain what happened behind the scenes and grapple with the consequences for their lives. — Ethan Alter

True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes premieres Thursday, June 15 at 10 p.m AMC+, Sundance TV And Sundance Now.

STREAM IT: Boldy go back to Strange new worlds for season 2 of the fan favorite Star Trek series

Speaking of Strange: Season 2 of the Star Trek prequel series features the franchise’s first animated-to-live action crossover as Lower decks main characters Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) move from cartoons to corporeal humans. That’s just another example of how Strange new worlds consistently delights old Trekkers with deft episodic storytelling, plenty of Easter eggs, and the same daring spirit of adventure that sent the best march starships, from Kirk’s Company to Burnham’s Discovery. Climb aboard and get ready to… Involving. — EA

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premieres Thursday, June 15 Paramount+.

HEAR IT: John Mellencamp soars on ambitious 25th album

Orpheus descending, from the artist formerly known as Johnny Cougar, is one of the most passionate and fiery records to date from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted singer-songwriter. Always a champion of social justice, Mellencamp’s 25th album addresses issues such as gun violence (“Hey God”), the homeless crisis (“The Eyes of Portland”), and political corruption (“The Land of the So-Called Free” ROCK in the US indeed. Lyndsey Parker

Orpheus descending by John Mellencamp is available to download/stream on Friday, June 16 Apple Music.

WATCH IT: Rock out with John Early’s Now more than ever

The hilarious Find party Alum’s first HBO comedy special combines his dry, witty jokes with musical performances, including covers by Britney Spears and Neil Young. It’s his take on a ’70s rockumentary — Early’s own version of Lumbar puncture – and it was filmed at Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, NY, where his fake band, the Lemon Squares, was at his side. — RS

John Early: now more than ever premieres Saturday, June 17 at 10 p.m HBO.

WATCH IT: Shout Factory’s Shaw brothers box set is a must-have for martial arts fans

The Shaw Brothers Classics Blu-ray box set from Shout Factory features vintage martial arts films from Hong Kong.  (Photo: Courtesy Shout Factory)

The Shaw Brothers Classics Blu-ray box set from Shout Factory features vintage martial arts films from Hong Kong. (Photo: Courtesy Shout Factory)

While Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan may have been the face of Hong Kong cinema in the 1970s and 1980s, the Shaw Brothers were the forces behind the explosion of martial arts favorites in the area. From the late 1960s, the producing duo led a cinematic renaissance in Hong Kong, using classical Chinese wuxia stories as a starting point for then modern action film tricks and techniques. The first batch of Shaw hits is collected on Shout Factory’s Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 1 Blu-ray box set — a treasure trove of eleven movies made between 1967 and 1969, including The Thundering Sword, The invincible fist And Dragon swamp. Each film has a sparkling high-definition transfer along with a wealth of audio commentary and revealing new interviews. — EA

Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 1 Blu-ray box set will be available from Tuesday, June 13 Amazon And Shout Factory official site.

HEAR IT: Stone Age queens rule their Roman rock empire

Josh Homme has been in the news for personal reasons related to his acrimonious divorce and custody battle with the Distillers’s Brody Dalle, but now he and his band of desert rockers are roaring back after the six-year recording hiatus with their eighth studio album, In Times New Roman… QOTSA’s press release describes the record as “raw, brutal at times and not recommended for the faint of heart”, but also “the most beautiful and definitely the most rewarding album in their epic discography” – as seen in the return to form lead single, ” Emotional Sickness.” Later this year, QOTSA will be touring “The End Is Nero” with fellow riotous rockers Viagra Boys and Jehnny Beth van Savages. — LP

In Times New Roman… from Queens of the Stone Age will be available to download/stream from Friday, June 16 Apple Music.

HEAR IT: Yusuf/Cat Stevens is still the king

Legendary singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf, returns with his first studio album in nearly a decade. King of a country. Released on George Harrison-founded label Dark Horse Records, the collection of 12 originals reunites Yusuf with Paul Samwell-Smith, who produced Stevens’ classic 1970s LPs Tea for the Tillerman, Teaser and the Firecat And Catch Bull at four o’clock. — LP

King of a country by Yusuf/Cat Stevens will be available to download/stream on Friday, June 16 Apple Music.

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