September 22, 2023

23 Probable Emmy Nominees On Their Awkward, Touching, And Utterly Disgusting Interactions With Fans

“Do people tell you you look like…” is often the start of a seemingly innocent interaction between celebrities and fans.

And yet, if Fleishman is in trouble star Claire Danes points out, it can be wildly awkward to respond to. “I think they think they’re friendly, and they are, but that bothers me,” she says. “It’s like I’m shorting out.”

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Others admit they’ve broken up when fans approach, either unsure of who exactly they are or whether they’re in fact famous. “I say no,” offers Yellow jackets star Melanie Lynskey, and both Jennifer Garner and Emma D’Arcy admit to doing the same.

As part of The Hollywood Reporters Emmy Roundtable series this year, we asked each contestant what they typically hear when fans address them on the street and how they regularly respond. The answers varied widely.

PEDRO PASCAL, The last of us, The Mandalorian

“I remember before, because of Game of Thrones and the way my character died, people were super into taking selfies with their thumbs in my eyes. And at first I was so sincere and happy with the character’s success on the show, I’d let them! And then I remember getting a little bit of an eye infection.

“I had a funny one on a plane. It was an overnight flight, I was completely asleep and I woke up a little, which woke me up. This woman kneels down and said, “I’m sorry, I was just wondering if you have any advice for an actor?” I said, ‘Just keep going.’” (laughs.)

“A lot of what I’m getting recognition for right now isn’t either scream or WednesdayAnd Wednesday has a much wider audience than I expected, at least age-wise: it’s older people and younger people. But I’ve also had some weird airplane stories where I woke up with notes or things like that. I got out yesterday, and at the end the flight attendant took her hair out of the bun and it was in two braids and she put her bangs down and said, ‘You made me do this.’”

“It was split in half: girls came up to me and said, ‘You’re that lady out Legally blondeboys used to say American pie. And thank goodness white lotus came along and that was eliminated. Now it’s just, ‘You’re the lady of white Lotus.’”

“A lot of people who work in restaurants now will say, ‘Hey, The Bear was really horrible to see. Thanks for making.’ I’m like, “You’re welcome?” A guy also came up to me in Chicago and said, ‘Hey, I recognize you from the show and I really hated your character. She was really annoying. Good job.’ I was like, ‘Thanks, dawg. Appreciate it very much.’ But anyway Abbott [Elementary]. I have an episode of Abbott, and I was like, ‘Oh, I love this. People just love this show.” There’s a lot of projection — nice projection that I’m grateful for, but a lot of projection — op The bear. Someone will say, ‘I worked in a restaurant, do you want to hear the seven worst things that happened to me?’”

“I get The Dude. People just dig The great Lebowskiit’s such a good movie.

“I also understand The Dude, which I don’t understand. I wasn’t in the movie and I’m not Jeff Bridges. No that was it The sopranos for a long time, and now it is a lot white Lotus of young people. Some people want their picture taken with me and pretend I have a gun to their head, and I will never do that. I will strangle them, but I will not put a gun to their head.” (laughs.)

“I’m asked if I’m me because I look very different in real life, which is actually a possible way out because there’s a temptation to say, ‘No, but I always get that.'”

“I definitely took it out! I get a lot of it 13 on the way to 30. It’s, ‘Oh, it’s my comfort movie.’ Or, ‘It’s my wife’s favorite movie,’ or God forbid, ‘My mom’s favorite movie.’”

MELANIE LYNSKEY, Yellowjackets, the last of us

“If someone comes forward and says, ‘My dad loves you,’ I know they’re going to talk about it Two and a half Men. But it’s been everything. Recently it has Yellow jackets. If someone comes up and says, “Are you famous?” what sometimes happens, I say no.

“The new one, which is weird, is people feel like they can touch me. I was pushing a stroller with my kids, and this guy just grabs me and he says, “Hey man, love your show,” and I said, “Not touchy.” That’s as aggressive as I can be. ‘Not touchy.’”

“I get Muppets often. The kids who were 10 when they saw it are now in their twenties, and that’s a weird experience. And Forget Sarah Marshall. It’s usually a strange dynamic because the kids have seen Muppets and the parents have seen me naked.

“Apparently I’m married to everyone. I am everyone’s husband. Like, “Hey, man, dinner’s ready.” Then they follow me, and I jump in the SUV and dart out.

CLAIR DANES, Fleishman is in trouble

“It is shocking how many people approach me with their appreciation for My so-called life. I mean, that’s a long time ago, but it’s very encouraging, teens are still finding it. And I love it too. It’s still a big part of my so-called life.”

“For me it was Glenn [from The Walking Dead] for a long time. It would be like, “I stopped watching when you died,” which I don’t believe. For example, I finished all the seasons. But now, after Beef came, they said, ‘Are you the man inside Beef?’ And that’s fun.”

‘I’ve got Chris [from Everybody Hates Chris] long, and will continue to do so. Usually it’s just something called from 15 feet behind me while they sort it out. I get too The living Dead. People are still very angry about how that turned out. Real angry. They’re happy to see me, and then they say, “They mistreated you.” I’m like, ‘No, it was a script. It’s OK. They didn’t Doing not for me.’ But with Abbott, now for the first time I get ‘Mr.’ for something. I get Mr. Eddie. So I’m an adult, all of you.”

EVAN PETERS, Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer

“I usually get it American horror story. It’s ‘Can I take your picture?’ or ‘I saw your show.’”

“For me it’s all about Abbott Elementary School, and oh my God it’s just such an outpouring of love. And it is from little kids to their grandparents. It’s the ones talking to me in the bathroom that’s a problem. In the airport toilet, it’s like ‘Oh my God!’ Yes. ‘Thank you thank you. May I continue now?’”

“I usually get, ‘I’m a big fan of your music.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not DJ Khaled.’ (Laughter.) I get a lot of it Moso is the series, and as far as the rendering goes, people are really excited about it and how authentic and grounded it is.

“Because I’m never consistently on anything, they feel like albums or something. The odd special, the Broadway show, they’re all compartmentalized. Yesterday someone said, “I loved your last thing.” I liked that.”

“Now, because of Swarm, I get, ‘Who’s your favorite artist?’ And I have no answer. It’s ironic that I’m playing the ultimate stan, because the first time I went to a concert was in 2018. I don’t like standing up that long!”

“When I get recognized, it’s usually
in Indian spaces, at Powwows or wherever, and usually it’s for Reserve Dogs and the impact the show had. It’s usually followed by, “Wow, you’re so much smaller in real life than you look on camera.” And also, “Wow, they really don’t do you justice on the show,” which I’m like, “Damn.”

“I get a lot of, ‘You’re smaller personally. I thought you’d be taller.’ I’m like, ‘That’s just my hair.’”

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